Top Things to Do in URI

URI was said to be dull and boring since what the residents can enjoy were only grassy field consisting of trees. Well, it is not true at all. On the contrary, there are many tourism spots that you will regret to miss. Uri is definitely one of the top areas to visit in Switzerland.

There are many places to visit in Uri. In this occasion, we’d like to share you with some of the best Things to do in Uri.


Don’t forget to tag along your family to enjoy the holiday time in Arnisee. It offers the scenic beauty which can be reached by gondola lift. It is also the starting point of mountain tours as well as family tours. So, it is a great place for family with kids.


Golzernsee is indeed one of the places to visit in Uri. If you are wondering about what to do in Uri, try the trails for the climbers and hikers. The scenic beauty of the location, the mountain landscape, as well as the crystal clear water can also be enjoyed by regular travellers.


Tellskapelle is the Tell Chapel. Certain what to do in Uri can be spent here from William tell monument, the historical place pictures, the Statue of Tell. The Chapel name is taken from popular Swiss hero, William Tell.

Schöllenen Gorge

Add this to your places to visit Uri list if you go with your group or someone you love. It is the place which showcases the beautiful stone bridge namely Teufelsbrücke or Devil’s Bridge. You could learn the history of the place as well as enjoy the nice weather there.

Oberalp Pass

If you are looking for what to do in Uri, Oberalp Pass is definitely one of the greatest idea. It is a high mountain pass which has been visited by thousands travellers on daily basis. Not only the nature surrounding views that are enjoyable, you can also explore the lighthouse which is located in the River Rhine. Ski Area is also available in Oberalp Pass.

Swiss Alps

The highest mountains of the region are definitely the jaw-dropping attraction for everyone. Add this to your Things to do in Uri list and you will never regret to try its beautiful trails. Also, you and your family can try the winter sports and other cool activities there.


It is the name of nature valley which is located on the Upper Ruess. It is separated from Uri but connected to Grisons by the Oberalp Pass. The scenic beauty of this spot is irresistible. Don’t forget to bring your camera when visiting this place.

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