Top Fun Things to Do in Roskilde

About 800 years ago, Roskilde was the capital city of Denmark. It was the seat of Danish Kings and Queens as well as bishops. Vikings and shipbuilders also called the city home. In the modern day, Roskilde is the tenth largest city in the state, popularly known for hosting the biggest rock festival in Northern Europe. Driving from Roskilde to Copenhagen will take you approximately one hour.

Things to Do in Roskilde: Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde’s grandest attraction is its towering 12th-century cathedral. The old church has excellent woodcarvings, and the walls bear paintings dating as early as the Reformation period. The main attraction in the cathedral is the39 tombs are belonging to Danish Kings and queens. You will the tombs spewed all over the church with the oldest tomb belonging to Queen Margarita from 1397. She was an intelligent and able ruler who united three Nordic Kingdoms.


The Viking Ship Museum

A short stroll from Roskilde cathedral brings you to the Roskilde inlet. Just by the waterfront is the Viking Ship Museum. Denmark has a rich heritage of seafaring, and you get a hands-on experience at the centre. You will have the chance to row a traditional boat with your family and friends. In the museum, the ancient boatbuilding techniques are demonstrated, but the main hall is the chief attraction.

You will find five Viking ships of different sizes. The ships are believed to have been sunk about 1000 years ago in an attempt to block the entrance of invaders to the historical city of Denmark. After their discovery and subsequent excavation in 1962, the museum opened seven years later in 1969. There is a fun corner for the kids, where they can wear battle helmets of the fierce Norsemen, who terrorised Europe in their small ships and fight with swords.


Roskilde Festival at Ragnarock Museum

In July, swarms of fun-loving rock enthusiasts converge in Roskilde for a weeklong summer festival. While the rock festival happens in July, most of the tickets are sold by June. Most people choose to camp due to lack of accommodation in the city of about 50,000. Near the site is the Ragnarok Museum, which has rock music memorabilia from the 1950s. You can listen to the music from the headphone attached to the walls or dance away on the stage.


Vigen Beach and Recreational Area

Despite the cold climate all year round, the locals still head to the beach. Vigen Strandpark north of Roskilde is the place to be if you love the water. The area is beautiful with a sandy jetty and meadows.



Gimle is another venue for music frequented by students and young people. Other nights the café hosts stand-ups, international nights, and discussion nights. You will find tasty treats served at the café.


National Park Skjoldungernes Land

It is the latest national park in Denmark covering over 170 square kilometres of beautiful Ice Age landscapes with extensive river valleys and rolling hills. The park also connects to the Roskilde Fjord where visitors will behold the islets, islands birdlife and among other Roskilde attraction.


If you are wondering what to do in Roskilde, visit these three exciting places; the Viking Museum, National park Skjoldungernes Land and towering Cathedral.

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