Top Fukuoka Attractions

Are you planning to go to Fukuoka in the future? While you are still not setting the date and time yet, you could make a plan. First things first, you will need to know what kind of tourist attractions that you will enjoy in this respective area.

The Fukuoka Attractions are mostly jaw-dropping. You won’t regret to visit there. What are they? Let’s see below.

Fukuoka Temples

Make sure you don’t miss the chance to visit incredible temples in Fukuoka. It definitely needs to be listed into your Fukuoka Attraction List. The most popular temples to visit in Fukuoka are Tochoji Temple, Jyotenji Temple, and Shofukuji Temple.


Foodies love to eat Japanese Yatai, more especially the Fukuoka version. Japanese Yatai is definitely one of the experiences that you will regret to miss. You can find many Japanese food stalls in Fukuoka and mostly sell such comfort foods that will make you wowed. Yatai literally means food cart or food stall. In Fukuoka, you can find some areas which are focused to host the Yatai. You can get all different kinds of Japanese Yatai foods with different specialties. The most popular Yatai main menu is ramen noodle. Often, the seller sell beer also. Ramen + beer = perfect combination!



Fukuoka has a number of museums that you should check. Although the entrance fee is not free, it is pretty low and you can really take your time to know the history and culture of the Fukuoka and Japan in general.

Yanagawa River

Yanagawa River is one of the most popular Fukuoka Attractions that you need to visit. It is built as the moat surrounding Yanagawa Castle. Not only to see it and amazed, but you can also join the boat tours through the river.

Canal City Hakata


It is a commercial complex in Fukuoka and a perfect choice if you want to enjoy the time without going the distances from one place to another. This complex has been completed by the shops, hotels, cinema, restaurants, and entertainment centers. You can spend days here and enjoy your time together with your friends and family.


JR Hakata City

It is much bigger place than Canal City Hakata. JR Hakata City is a giant shopping center which has more than 200 specialty stores. A day won’t be enough for you to explore all the corners of JR Hakata City. Goods from different categories are offered. You will be wowed by the variety of delicious dishes and beverages. Not to mention that you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the city from the rooftop garden.

Fukuoka tourist attractions are abundant. But the list above is a good start to enjoy your vacation time in Fukuoka.

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