Top 10 Things to Do in Beijing

Countless travellers from all over the world go on a China tour yearly—Beijing, China, its capital city, is one of the top destinations of these tourists. There are limitless things to do in Beijing and places to visit that will surely require at least several days in town to enjoy them all. If you are planning to go on a China tour anytime soon, here are things to do in Beijing that you must definitely include in your itinerary.


  1. The Most Popular Part of the Great Wall of China—Badaling
  2. Take photos and admire the splendid view surrounding Badaling. Definitely one of the most popular tourist spots in Yanqing, Beijing, China, Badaling is a portion of the Great Wall of China which is most visited by many tourists.
  3. A Beautiful Imperial Garden, the Beihai Park
  4. Breathe fresh air and enjoy the warmth of the sun as you walk around the Beihai Park. This public park used to be an imperial garden and is situated in the north-west part of Beijing’s Forbidden City.
  5. A Historical Imperial Palace, the Forbidden City
  6. From the beginning of the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese imperial palace was the Forbidden City. Definitely a must visit during your China tour, you can see history unfold before your eyes as you walk around the palace and view artefacts in the Palace Museum.
  7. See the Great Wall of China
  8. Probably the most popular tourist spot in all of Beijing, China, the Great Wall of China is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you absolutely cannot miss this as you look for things to do in China.
  9. Cruise Along the Houhai Lake
  10. If you’re looking for exciting things to do in China, a cruise along the Houhai Lake is a must. The areas surrounding the lake have become known as a hot nightlife spot in Beijing, China so the lights and sounds are even more beautiful at night.
  11. Be Inspired by the Beauty of the Jingshan Park
  12. Jingshan Park looks as if it got off straight from a movie screen. The historical buildings and large grounds covering 23 hectares will definitely make you fall in love with Beijing, China even more.
  13. Awe-Inspiring Mountain Views at Juyong Pass
  14. Your China tour should definitely have the Juyong Pass on its itinerary. With history that spans over centuries, you will surely enjoy the fresh mountain air and gorgeous views around the area.
  15. Pay Respects to Emperors of the Yesteryears at the Ming Tombs
  16. Another popular choice of things to do in China is a visit to the Ming Tombs. This takes you to a place where many Chinese emperors including those from the Ming Dynasty are buried.
  17. Adore the Beauty of the Tiananmen Square
  18. If you are going on a China tour, a photo souvenir with the beautiful Tiananmen Square is a must. Located in the centre of Beijing, China, the Tiananmen Square is also called the Gate of Heavenly Peace as it contains monuments of revolution heroes, the great hall of people, Chairman Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and the National Museum of China.
  19. A Must-See Temple, the Temple of Heaven
  20. You’ll never get enough of temples when searching for things to do in China and you must definitely include the Temple of Heaven on your list. Its beautiful architecture and rich history is something you shouldn’t miss.
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