Things to Do in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most often visited countries in Asia. It is because of Taiwan attractions which make it as great tourist destinations in Asia. Taiwan is popularly known for its scenic mountains, lush, and natural views. Millions of travellers visit the country on annual basis because of its culture, history, destinations, as well as weather.

Taiwan has a bunch of exotic places and sceneries. If these are what you want, then Taiwan is the best place for you. It is an island country with a lot to offer. Here are top things to do in Taiwan.



Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan. It is the capital of the country which has a lot to offer. The most interesting points of this city are the arts, culture, as well as the entertainment of this city. Many also visit for the religious visit in the temples, although these are open for public. The most popular temples that you can visit at Taipei Confucius Temple and Longshan. When you have a city tour in Taipei, you must be attracted to the tallest skyscraper in town, called as Taipei 101. If you are lucky, you could see the fireworks display from Taipei 101 in the holiday season.


Hsinchu is one of the most visited locations in Taiwan because of its crowd of the electronic items. It is the center of high-end technologies which is popular for its giant brands like Huawei. You could consider there for windows shopping. Who knows, you can get a new smartphone with an insanely cheap price.



Kaohsiung is a beautiful city in Taiwan. If you are visiting the country, it won’t be perfect until you visit this city. Do the city tour for few days and you will see the world games stadium, street foods, nightlife, Liuhe Night Market, and many others.


Visiting Nantou is definitely one of the most recommended things to do in Taiwan. Nantou is an incredible place which hosts the best tea plantations in the country. Along with such friendly weather, it is a perfect spot to visit with your family and kinds. If you are up to exploring, trekking, and hiking, you could try its mountainous landscape which is ideal for average to advanced hikers. The best hiking trails to check are Hanabi and Maolan.


 It is a islands territory of

Taiwanese. Many travelers go to this islands to try Kinmen noodles. Arguably,

these are the best noodles on earth. You can even try fragrance noodles which

you can’t find it anywhere else. Take the Kinmen knives as souvenir and memento

that you have ever visited Taiwan.

There you have it: the things to do in Taiwan. Consider this list if you are planning to go there in the future.

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