Things to Do In Manila

Manila is the capital of Philippine on the Island of Luzon. The country has thousands of islands frequented each year by UK visitors. However, its tourism potential has not been fully exploited despite it numerous idly locations. Some of the things to do in Manila include:


Intramous Walled City

The sprawling city of 13 million is a blend of modern skyscrapers and the enduring Spanish architecture from the 1500s. Intramous is the best place to peer into the past of Manila. It is a 64 hectare stone citadel at the centre of the Island, occupied by the Spanish from 571 to 1898. Within its walls, they erected churches, schools, convents, courtyard houses and more. During the world war two, the city suffered a lot of damage, and most churches abandoned the area.


Nonetheless, most exciting locations in Manila are within the walls of its old city. You will explore numerous historical buildings, walk the streets; explore churches, ruins and more. Enlisting the service of a professional gives you a better view of the area.


Rizal Park

Looking for top things to do in Manila, why not check out this most beautiful park. Also called the Luneta National Park, it is next to the old district, Intramous, and draws thousands during the weekends. The whole park is commemorations of the nation’s hero, Jose Rizal, executed at the site for leading a revolt against the Spanish.


Mall of Asia and Street Markets

Manila attractions are also modern like the Mall of Asia in Bay City. The mall offers the chance to shop, enjoy bowling, ice skating, dine, or grab a meal at the fast food restaurants. If the mall experience is too familiar, you can visit street markets such as the San Andre’s fruit market, and Baclaran market. It will give you a fresh perspective on things to do in Manila.


Tour Fort Santiago

For the citizens of Manila, the fort built in the 14th century played a significant role in their history; Jose Rizal was detained here before his execution in 1896. Different nations including Britain, America, and Japan have held the fort through history.


Roman Catholic Churches

Manila has retained much of its Catholic heritage with numerous churches to visit. In Intramous you can visit St Agustin, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other famous churches include the Quiapo Church and San Sebastian Church.


Ocean Park

One of the best Manila attractions is the Oceanarium. It is an activity for the whole family. The park offers a peek into the underwater mysteries of ocean life. You will see sharks, sea lions, jellyfish and numerous fish species in the aquarium.



Among the numerous Manila attractions, are museums. You can visit the Marikina Shoe Museum, BahayTsinoy National Museum, Ayala Museum, and Yuchengco Museum. Some focus on the history of the indigenous people and Chinese inhabitants.



The sunset in Manila will take your breath away. On the beaches, you are bound to see the most beautiful scenes ever.

The best way to know the city is to explore it on foot or using the public transport system. Visitors don’t have a shortage of things to do in Manila.

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