Things to Do in Hamilton

On the western tip of Lake Ontario in Canada, lies Hamilton a place with several attraction points for tourist and also for the Canadians. There are several great Hamilton attractions that remain the best sites to visit in Canada. Some of these attractions include;


Hiking in Different Sites

Mountain Maungatautari is a great hiking site if you love hiking. It is located in the south of Hamilton and draws attraction from several hikers around Canada. It is a great ecological reserve in Canada and therefore a great place to go hiking since you will see several plants of different species and also several species of birds. The hike to the summit will take a whole six hours, and therefore you need to carry lightweight, and plenty of drinking water. Another great Hiking site is Te Aroha with nice walkways and spectacular views. It is a good place to take nature walks and soothe your muscles as you enjoy the nice view in a cool place.


Visit the Art Gallery of Hamilton

This is a great place to visit for people of all ages. There are several exhibitions that are held there. Some of the exciting things to do in Hamilton include learning about the historical exhibitions that are displayed at the art gallery of Hamilton. There you will get an opportunity to study some of the attractive artwork from the 19th century. There are over 10,000 art exhibitions to sample there, and therefore it is a major Hamilton attraction site that you will love paying a visit. Admission there is free, and therefore you don’t spend a dime to get there.


Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at Hamilton Airport

This is a great exhibition of some of the warplanes that were flown by the great Canadian pilots during the wars back in the days. You will see the exciting planes and even have a chance to see how the interior looked like. Here you will pay an entry fee, and you can choose to pay as individuals or form a group and get a discounted entry fee. The museum is open throughout the year except over the Christmas period and the first day of the year.


Stop Over at Hamilton Gardens

This is another free entry zone in Hamilton, where you can stop over with your family and even have lunch there. On a sunny day, it is a good day to relax especially over the weekends and particularly Sunday afternoons. Several events are held at the park, and therefore you will never miss things to do in Hamilton including attending an event there. If you need to be guided, you can ask for a tour guide who will accompany you around the park as you see different exciting things.


Visit the Waikato Museum

Here you will learn Maori history, and it is a great Hamilton attraction for those who want to learn some culture of the people of Canada. There are several ever-changing exhibitions to see there and therefore a great family outing site.


Hamilton attractions are several, and there is so much fun to have there. It is an ideal family excursion destination.

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