Things to Do in Sri Lanka

If you are wondering about what to do in Sri Lanka, you don’t have to worry at all. You can rest assured that there are many places to visit in Sri Lanka. And we can confidently tell you that there is no shortcoming to visit this place. Here are the best Things to do in Sri Lanka.

Galle Dutch Fort

It is one of the most recommended places to visit in Sri Lanka. It is the renowned Geoffrey Bawa, who is related to Bevis Bawa. Bawa is admitted as the pioneer in the architectural theory called as tropical modernism. You will surely want to see their masterpieces.

The Beach

Bentota is the most recommended beach that you should visit in Sri Lanka. If you are wondering what to do in Sri Lanka, you will have peace of mind since you can even spend your entire time in this beach. Bentota offers a lot of attractions from the beach, delicacies, souvenirs, shop, etc.

Go Diving

Bentota is also a great place with man diving spots. Consider to enjoy the colorful corals and large hordes of fish, including Lionfish, and Porcupinefish.

Visit Kande Viharaya

Whether you are religious person or not, you can’t go wrong by visiting Kande Viharaya. It is the sacred place to get closer to the history of the local people. The Buddhist center has a number of fabulous statues, ancient sculptures, and frescoes.

Brief Garden

Brief Garden is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. It was designed by Bevis Bawa the most renowned Sri Lankan artist. The Brief Garden size is around five acres coming with beautiful trees, sculptures, and structures.

Madu Ganga River Safari

The river safari is definitely the best thing to do with your family. Tag along your loved ones to enjoy the madu Ganga River Safari. It is a must visit spot for the nature lovers. With over a hundred species of bird, you will see the rich wildlife that you can’t afford to miss.

Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Project

Turtle conservation project is indeed the important experience for locals and tourists. The majestic creature’s existence is threatened. You will join the good movement as well as witnessing rare occurrence when they lay eggs in the sand.

Water Sports

Water Sports are indeed ones of the best Things to do in Sri Lanka. It is indeed very hard to resist the turquoise waters offered by the coast. A lot of water activities offer the regular travelers to enjoy their time there including windsurfing, jet skiing, mono skiing, and banana boat rides.

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