Things to Do in Pingtung-County

Pingtung-County weather is subtropical so that it is safe to visit it all year round. It is easily accessible by train from Kaohsiung or Tainan. To go to the places to visit in Pingtung-County, you could make use the taxi service which is not expensive at all. But other public transportations are also available from the ride-sharing cars, buses, etc. The Taiwan government has been investing a lot in Pingtung-County tourism development, which explains why now we can have many Things to do in Pingtung-County. Without further ado, let’s just dissect it here.

Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park is definitely one of the best places to visit in is divided into two sections by long Hengchun Longitudinal Valley Plain. The beautiful reefs, and corals are the main attractions. In the east side, enjoy the kind of sand waterways, and sand waterfalls.

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

Here is what to do in Pingtung-County, visiting the National Museum to learn about the history of the county. But more than that, you will learn more about Pingtung marine biology as well. The exhibition hall is the biggest in Taiwan.

The historical center has 3 main shows: Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion, and World Waters Pavilion, which might be not enough to explore in just 2 hours. Consider coming early in the morning to enjoy all the attractions.

Eateries and Drinks

Pingtung has several dining options which are much cheaper than the US or Europe Standard. As Taiwan characteristics, you will find many foods stalls which sell noodles, oyster omelet, etc. Definitely, one of the best Things to do in Pingtung-County. Grab a beer from the bar like The Steelskin bar. You can also go to Duckie’s Jimmie’s, and Hunters as well. If you are lucky, you can enjoy free live music from these places.

Shop Around

What to do in Pingtung-County? Of course, you can’t miss to shop in anywhere you go. Pingtung has 7 decades old night market located nearby the train station. There are various vendors with a different specialty. Take your time to shop around there. You won’t regret it.

Cape Eluanbi

Cape Eluanbi is a historical place which is related much to the Japanese pilgrim periods. It was one of the major whaling stations on Taiwan by Japanese Industry. It is also some portion of Kenting National Park. The Cape is located in the Eluanbi Park. You will witness the Longkeng Ecological Protection Area which focuses on coral reefs and virgin first of Banana Bay preservation.

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