The Best Restaurants in London You Can’t Ignore

Culinary delight in the heart of London comes in a variety of options with impressive chefs and innovative services that takes care of different tastes and budgets. The best restaurants in London offer you a chance for the most sumptuous meals you can ever have, and it might well be a departure from your local restaurant experience.


Texture, Portman Place

For a taste of Icelandic cuisine, you need to stop over at Portman Place to experience what Texture has to offer.

You can expect tasty fresh ingredients of both Icelandic and British hue complete with herbs and lots of fish with exotic wines.

Lunch comes in at two courses from £19.90 while entire table testing begins at £79 per person.

This pick for best restaurants in London won the Michelin star for exotic service in 2010.


Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner

Your approach to the Mandarin Oriental will be incomplete without a taste of Heston Blumenthal dinner treat. A range of specials that includes tasty chicken, marrow bone and salsify otherwise known as Salmagund; the Taffety Tart composed of rose, apple, fennel and blackcurrant sorbet, are too salivating to ignore. You can enjoy your meals while you take in the views of the prominent Hyde Park


The Galvin

Situated at Windows, Park Lane, this diner is ensconced within the confines of the delectable Hilton Hotel on Park Lane by the 28th floor. It offers staggering visual romance of the well-reviewed Hyde Park with its alluring ambience.

Here you get a taste of the best of French haute cuisine alongside British and Asian palate delights. This item on the best restaurants in London list has also earned the definitive Michelin star and for £25, you can enjoy a treat.


The Wolseley, Piccadilly

At Piccadilly, you encounter The Wolseley, and you will never be let down by this purveyor of the Grand European tradition. The glamour of the buzzing crowd and its enchanting setting sets the stage for business lunches or breakfast hangovers that you will relish


Wild Honey

It might be tiny restaurant, but Wild Honey offers a scintillating taste to quell your hunger and fill you with delightsome meals. Located opposite the renowned St George’s Hanover Square, you have an array of thoughtful seasonal food to enjoy.

The apricot terrine, rabbit pork and exotic wine will impress you. A three-course meal starts from £27



At the Exmouth Market restaurant, you get a Moorish flavour coming at under £8, alongside affordable wines. Here you get your bus salivated with light meals, and you don’t get justice if you have a voracious appetite.

You can come in only at lunchtime with bookings and for dinner, it is a case of attention by turns. It makes the list of best restaurants in London anyway.

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