In Search of Top Things to Do in Byford

Travelling in Western Australia offers a plethora of thrilling moments, especially if you are a nature enthusiast and appreciate the imposing landscapes of the area. All people are blown away by nature’s masterpieces, as well as the unspoiled character of Byford. If you are counting backwards till the time when you can explore Australia on your own, it is worth learning more about the top things to do in Byford.


The Amazing Cohunu Koala Park

Without a doubt, Cohunu Koala Park amongst the most iconic places to visit in Byford. In this sanctuary of wildlife, guests are welcome to explore a lot of different animal species. Koala stands out among the rest, of course, even though this is not the only thing that you are going to come across at the park.


Bears, cockatoos, and kangaroos, as well as the famous dingoes, will catch your eye and make the most of your stay there. This is by far the most exciting activity for young travelers, but it is equally breathtaking for adults.


Serpentine National Park

Over 4,300 hectares of greenery compose this idyllic place, where nature is celebrated in the most stunning manner. In this place, you have the chance to admire waterfalls and walking trails that will help you discover the hidden beauties of the area.


It is definitely worth setting out on a hiking excursion, so as to feel closer to the national park. When in search of what to do in Byford, you should not leave Serpentine National Park out.


A Great Place to Be

Among the top things to do in Byford, you will also enjoy visiting the picturesque farms in the area. This is an excellent way for travellers to discover the distinctive lifestyle of the locals and feel closer to nature.


Another great option as far as what to do in Byford is, of course, the miniature train. This is a safari train taking you to see all the attractions in the region, providing you with a wonderful place filled with beauty. The railway boasts its rich history, depicting the glorious past of this marvellous place in the perfect manner possible.


Dining and Wining

Besides the most impressive places to visit in Byford, it goes without even saying that there are a lot of options in the fields of dining and wining. Local gastronomy of Queensland is blended most wonderfully with special touches of modernity, and the outcome is purely amazing.


Discover Byford

From everything that has been pointed out above, it is needless to say that there are many things to do in Byford. So do not waste any more time! Schedule your trip to this lovely place in Western Australia and set out on a unique adventure. You are certainly going to love all the places to visit in Byford, making your stay there a memorable one!


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