Locations in Bulgaria That You Need to See

Coated by the lush of pine trees of Mt. Balkan and a place where the mountains meet the turquoise water of the Black Sea, Bulgaria is a place that offers diverse opportunities for different travellers. From the captivating historical attractions and the majestic natural beauty, this place opens you to various things to do in Bulgaria.

Amazing Bulgaria Attractions That You Shouldn’t Miss


In this article, we highlighted the best locations in Bulgaria that you need to visit. Take a look at some of the renowned hotspots that you need to include in your bucket list.



Varna is the favourite summer destination of the Bulgarians. Those who are heading to Plovdiv or Sofia will choose to visit this location. It is not your ordinary resort town that is nestled on the border of the Black Sea. It has a profound and incredible history that is evident on the columns of the Romans bathhouse and the detailed Orthodox architectural structure. Strolling on this place is one of the things to do in Bulgaria for culture vultures and history buffs. The beaches in this place should not be ignored. The cocktail bars and seafood restaurants located near the beaches will be filled with people at nighttimes.


Veliko Tarnovo

This is a renowned city that is situated on the border of the mountainous region of Bulgaria. The lane of the majestic cobblestones and the old timber homes are part of the Tarnovo School that was developed during the middle Ages. Travellers who choose to go to Veliko Tarnovo will be able to enjoy the mixed of natural beauty and major Bulgaria attractions that highlights the history and culture of the country.



Sofia is the capital city of the country that is a perfect blend of the old and the modern city. On one section, there is a limitless of high-rise building that features the growing economy of the country. On the other section, there are historical monuments that remind everyone of the Soviet rule. At the centre of the city, you will find St, George Church and ruins of Serdica Fort. Visiting the Bulgaria attractions in Sofia will surely impress even the picky travellers.



Zheravna is a natural picture of the country’s old architectural style. It is located at the base of the Balkan Mountain that is being covered by the dense white elms and pines. The cottages that lined on the cobbled streets have been restored beautifully. Some of the Bulgaria attractions that you can see in this area are the St. Nicholas Church and the Rural Park that serves as the venue for the festivals that celebrates the music and culture of the country.


These are just some of the destinations and things to do in Bulgaria that the novice traveller will find essential. Even the seasoned travellers who haven’t heard the locations we mentioned above should check it out in order to see a different perspective of the country. Visiting these places will allow you to experience the different things that the country can offer.

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