List of Amazing Things to Do in Copán

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people travel to Copán is to have a glimpse of the profound civilisation of the Mayans. The ruins that you will find in this region are some of the most celebrated artefacts in Columbia. While a quick trip to the archaeological site is one of the preferred things to do in Copán by the travellers, the main city should not be ignored. The Copán Ruins is considered as home of different hotels and restaurants. Booking on these hotels will allow you to have an immediate and convenient access to the nearby Copán attractions.


Locations in Copán that You Need to Visit


Here is a list of the Copán attractions that you should include in your itinerary. You can guarantee that you will have an amazing vacation in Copán id you visit these places.


The Copán Ruins

No doubt, the ruins of Copán are the major tourist drawer of the region. With the well-managed and preserved hieroglyphics such as the 63-steps stairway, you should never miss these locations in Copán. You should also see the carved stelae that portray the ruler of the Mayan civilisation during the Copán Occupation. One of the most renowned rulers of the place is probably Yax Kuk Mo. His dynasty lasted for 16 years that helped the Mayan cities evolved.


Las Sepulturas

Close to the ruins would be the Las Sepulturas that is often ignored by the tourists. In case you plan on staying on this region, visiting this complex is definitely one of the things to do in Copán. This place was used to be attached with the Great Plaza through causeway. There are structures that date back to the Early and Middle Pre-classic Era. It also shows some evidence that the non-Mayan population also resides in this location.


The Macaw Mountain

Another nearby Copán attractions would be the Macaw Mountain. This is a bird sanctuary site that offers guided tour to the ecological park. The place houses the amazing Cakaguatales, coffee farm, and the century-old trees. The guide also allows you to interact with the blue, green and red Macaw. You will also learn a lot of things about the conservation and rehabilitation of the endangered Macaw Species.


Children Museum

The Casa K’inich is a children Museum that was founded during the year 2002. It is located close to the Copán Ruins and provides information in multiple languages such as Maya Chorti, Spanish, and English. It also highlights an interactive exhibit which will help you understand the ancient artefacts found in the different locations in Copán. It will teach you how you can decipher the hieroglyphs that you will encounter in the ruins. This will provide you with in-depth information about the Mayan civilisation.


Copán is a relatively small community, but the things to do in Copán are vast. You will find how convenient it is to visit the different attractions and locations. The streets are also considered safe even during nighttimes. It is common to find people riding the mototaxis known as tuk-tuk.

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