Exploring Czech Cuisine

If you are into Czech heritage or finds yourself enjoying their unique style of cuisine, you might have already tried their one-of-a-kind recipes handed from the past generations up to the present. The entirety of which does not end like that because the good news is that there are new recipes that just emerged lately in this style of cuisine that are suited for food lovers like you.


Czech Cuisine at Its Best


If you are thinking that Czech cuisine is all about standard stews, soups, heavy meals, then you might as well think again! Czech Republic is known to be the home of progressive companies producing unique products that are proved to allure and catch the attention of the different kinds of people across the globe. From sweets to majestic drinks to traditional cuisine, there is nothing more you can ask for. No doubt, Czech Republic is massively dominating in the field of cuisine. The following are some of the famous foods that are known to come from Czech heritage, but are being enjoyed by many people all over the world.


Fidorka Dark Chocolate

These kinds of sweets may come in single servings shaped in a round pattern just about the size of a coffee cup. According to the different kinds of people with different tastes who have tried, this is really better than Swiss chocolates. It may also be in a form of white chocolate. You may experiment on these chocolates and try placing two Fidorka chocolate sandwiches with a peanut butter in between.


Horalky Chocolate

These wafers are not your standard selection. Crispy cocoa covers the outer area while hazelnut fills in the inner part of it. Absolutely the Czech type of taste, these two ingredients make it more special and unique.


Gypsy Sauce

The beauty of which not only lies in its name but also in its very quality. This sauce can spice up the dishes especially to stews or soups. You could also have this as your side dish.


Sponge Biscuits

Sponge biscuits are called Piskoty in the Czech language. Piskoty is a soft kind of biscuit that tastes sweet. Children really love them, and they are now used in different Czech cuisine.


Poprad Coffee

If you are a fan of strong coffee, this might be your type. It is a well-fined coffee, which comes with a really rich aroma and taste once you open the can. The full octane (caffeinated) is best recommended.



The list above is just a glimpse of what Czech cuisine is. More and more unique dishes are coming, and they seem to continue to evolve every day. The best part of it is that you can experiment on these dishes and create unique concoctions of your own.

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