Exciting Things to Do in Palmerston North

Palmerston North has frequently struggled from the negative connotation that is engraved in the mind of the New Zealanders. Also known as Swamp City or P Town, tourist may be discouraged to visit this place due to the boring weather. However, the city has its own charm that you will find exciting. It may not exude the same ambiance of a big city like Auckland or the culture and style of the Wellington, but there are lots of Palmerston North attractions that will surprise you.


Best Things to Do in Palmerston North

The locations in Palmerston North that you need to visit are diverse. It offers a lot of possibilities that will tickle your fantasy and capture your attention. When you book your journey to this city, be sure to include some of our recommendations in your itinerary.


Rugby Museum

For individuals who love sports, you might want to learn the profound history of the most-loved sport in the country. The Rugby Museum houses more than 37,000 items related with the rugby sports such as uniforms from the past professional players and coaches and photographs that dates back during the 1800s. This is the best opportunity for you to discover the story behind the legendary players. You can even improve your rugby skills at this rugby museum. One of the best things to do in Palmerston North is to join the guided tour that will help you learn the heritage and history of rugby.


Clock Tower

The Clock Tower located on Palmerston North was established in the year 1950 at the centre of the city square. The structure with an original height of 26.5 meter was donated by a naval officer named Arthur Hopwood. Last 2007, the structure went into a renovation, and a cross was introduced that increased the overall height of the tower. The clock tower is one of the Palmerston North attractions that will give you a great view of the district.


Te Manawa

Another museum that you need to see is the Te Manawa; the collection stored in this museum, is a perfect blend of history, science and art. Regular events are being conducted in Te Manawa. One of the best things to do in Palmerston North is to join the art classes and have the opportunity to talk with the artists. This museum contains at least 55,000 pieces that is displayed on the various collections. You can access the museum without any charges.



This is not the answer of the Palmerston North to Alcatraz; this place is a wildlife park where you can see some of the wildest birds of New Zealand. Seeing the birds flying freely in an open environment is definitely one of the things to do in Palmerston North. The Owlcatraz also have Lake Owlsmere, Shannon Jail and Wairuru Caves that you can explore.


There are myriads of Palmerston North attractions that you need to see. Discover the native destinations and the scenic nature of this city and enjoy a unique vacation that will satisfy your senses.

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