The Best Things to do in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a municipality located in the south-eastern region of Brazil. Being a major tourist attraction point in Brazil, there are a lot of things to do in Sao Paulo that will last in your memory. With a population that continues to grow every day, the city has been named as the largest in South America.


The city is home to many people from all over the world and has representation from Spain, Germany, Africa, Jewish, and Japanese inhabitants who work and do business there. Among the best Sao Paulo attractions include the following;


Sao Paulo Cathedral

With a capacity of over 7000 people, the church is the largest in Sao Paulo. Built in the 19th century, the church was constructed with over 500 tonnes of marble. Inside, you will see great architectural work of the ancient engineering minds. The mosaics and the woodwork inside give the church a beautiful décor and feature the carved tributes to Brazil. The decorations are models of coffee beans, exotic Brazilian fruits, and Brazilian native animals. The church is believed to have been designed by Emil Hehl a German national and the design was motivated by the dome of the cathedral of Florence. If you are a Christian tourist looking for things to do in Sao Paulo, you can attend a daily mass as you tour the church.


Museum of Football

For the lovers of football, this is one place you should put on your list of locations in Sao Paulo you must visit. It is dubbed the ultimate museum of football and offers a mix of traditional exhibits and videos featuring the most famous sports personalities and games instructions as were during those years. If your kids love soccer, this is one place you must take them they will learn the history of the Brazilian football and have lots of fun. Visiting on Saturday will be a great idea since you will enjoy free entry to the football library. Please note that smoking is prohibited at the museum.


Go Shopping at Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo

Designed in the early 19th century, this is a great place to visit in Sao Paulo. It should actually be in your things to do in Sao Paulo list since the market is usually very busy in the afternoons, you will find different things to buy there that will give you a lasting memory of Sao Paulo. Have a touch and fell of all the favourite fresh vegetables, seafood, and also try the traditional tasty dishes. The market is open daily from 6 am to 6 pm except on Sundays when they close at 4 pm. This is a great attraction site.


Museum of Art in Sao Paulo

Looking for Sao Paulo attractions? Why not visit this great museum where you will see great artwork from all over the world. At this great museum, you will find artwork exhibitions, and it is also a great place to host talks, theatre presentations, and music galas. The museum was originally located in Rua de Abril and was later transferred to the current location on Avenida Paulista.


Sao Paulo is a rich city with several things to do, and it is an ideal destination for tourist from all over the world.

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