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London is the financial capital of the world but also the place to visit the residence of the Royal family and many other cultural monuments. Whether you are travelling on business or pleasure, choosing the preferable hotels in London could be quite a challenging task especially if you are on a budget but still need to obtain the highest quality of service. We suggest that you hook hotels online to avoid any nuisance I the events of lack of rooms. Taken the liberty of creating a list we believe to be the best hotels in London, we hope to help in your search. Keep in mind that the list is in no particular order:


Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

Easily to be mistaken as a hipster gathering location with its creatively structured lounge-bar, the symbiosis of the place works perfectly and we could certainly state that it is a place of beauty and culture. The way the staff dresses is certainly entertaining and helps creating the whole atmosphere with their Nike Air Max shoes and sibling jumpers.


Don’t miss out on their basement bar as it is very easy to do so considering the entrance is from the street, where you will dwell in to the sounds of old school hip-hop and electro.


The Beaumont

Among the best hotels in London the building was originally a multiple sores car park. The owners wanted to have a specific, interesting story about the history of the hotel, which also explains its name and the passionate furnishing with old vintage photos and wood panelling. The weird sculpture on the left side of the building is actually also a suite if you may wonder.


The Berkeley

It originates from the 1970s with its astonishing low-key classy look which creates the sense of an old school modernism. It creates the perfect atmosphere if you enjoy the traits of the present, but want to experience the life of the 80s.


The hotel’s view over Hyde Park from the treadmills in the gym is really something and the rooftop swimming pool is the perfect place to relax with a gin tonic during a hot summer day.


If you have a really important guest you need to find a room for, then the almost 300 hundred square metres Opus Suite, which is supposedly the largest in the country is the perfect opportunity to impress.



If you are a person who wants to experience the theatrical atmosphere, then this is the place to stay in.  Its dark-grey exterior provides a different kind of experience for every first-time visitor. It finds a way to impress recurring customers as each rooms are quite different from the others but still with a high level of elegance.


Whichever of the following hotels in London you choose, you won’t make a mistake. Just keep in mind to book hotels online.

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