Amazing Things to do in Bibra Lake

As the temperature in Australia started to increase, it is time to take your sunglasses and visit Bibra Lake. Discover the things that it can offer to you and your friends. In case you are looking for an ideal place to walk or jog, then the Bibra Lake is your ideal choice. It extends up to 6 km track that surrounds the entire Bibra Lake. In case it is time for you to turn back, you should not miss the bird hide and try to spot the different types of birds who call this place as their home.


List of Things to do in Bibra Lake

There are different playgrounds that are situated near the Bibra Lake. It also highlights short jetty that you can stroll along. You will also see some shaded areas that are perfect picnic for travellers who want to spend more time in this location. In case this is your first time to visit the lake, here are some of the things to do in Bibra Lake that you need to include in your travel itinerary.


Adventure World

If you are a fan of water and a natural-born thrill seeker, the Adventure World will definitely excite you. This theme park is one of the reasons why most people visit Bibra Lake. It offers lots of busy rides that will not disappoint you. However, be sure to visit the rides early in the morning since the line can get terribly long. You may want to take foods with you since there are not a lot of food outlets in this theme park. It is a perfect way to keep the kids busy while you relax during the entire day. It will take up to 2 days to enjoy the different activities that are offered in this park.


Cockburn Ice Arena

This Ice Arena highlights 2 amazing rinks, and it is a perfect place to visit with your friends or kids. The general ice and sports ice rinks have been well-maintained. In addition, the staffs are friends and helpful. One of the things to do in Bibra Lake when you visit Cockburn Ice Arena is to go to Cabin 401 and check their huge selection of mouth-watering drinks and meal. Some people prefer to relax while watching their favourite hockey sports and drinking wines. There are also skating lessons that are offered in the area that is perfect for the beginners.


Regional Playground

One of the things to do in Bibra Lake that you shouldn’t miss when travelling with your kids is to visit the Regional Playground. The location is stunning, and it will definitely surpass your expectation. Situated right in the shore of the Bibra Lake, it offers different activities for the kids. The high-rope walks and the flying foxes would be a great adventure for the children. In case you want to enjoy the place, be sure to visit during the afternoon where most of the kids are in school. After the school hours, the place will become too busy.


Remember some of our recommendation of things to do in Bibra Lake when you visit this place in Perth. This place is perfect to visit when you are travelling with your kids.

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