Activities in Bibra Lake, Perth

The lake was originally discovered in the mid 19th century and used to be a home of aborigines. It was later bought by Benedict von Bibra, hence the current name of the place. It served as a women’s military camp during World War 2. However, it is a place of completely different nature in modern times. What to do in Bibra Lake? If you are asking yourself that question, then you are certainly not familiar with the place as the place provides a variety of different activities each new day.


Activities for Children

Visit Bibra Lake with your family and children, and we promise that you won’t have to worry about your kid annoying you because he or she is bored out of his mind. The place is “equipped” with the biggest regional playground, designed especially to suit the needs of children and hold their interest. The place is promoted as a “playground for everyone” and does have some equipment which could even be utilised by adults.


The whole playground is developed as an educational playground, as you would find information on historical topics, as well as exhibition of the local wildlife. The whole area is easily accessible with wheelchair through rubber mats and ramps.


If you do a proper research before you visit Bibra Lake, you could establish what kind of a particular course the playground holds at that date. During the summer, there is something different every day. You could find courses for children from tennis camps to art exhibitions.


Adventure World is the theme park which among the most interesting things to do in Bibra Lake.  Be sure to clear out your whole day to go through everything the park has to offer. As a matter of a fact, eight hours won’t be enough to go through every ride. There are water slides, roller coasters and the whole facility holds insanely high-quality standards.


What to do in Bibra Lake?

Now obviously, these children won’t be going there on own. The tourist attraction is developed quite well as a family holiday destination. There are more than three hundred different hotels, and anyone could find an option suitable for him. In all honesty, Bibra Lake is indeed a kid’s paradise. It is the place where your children will experience tremendous joy as they could do anything they have ever dreamed of.


As an adult, you won’t exactly have the same experience, but it will still bring a lot of benefits. For example, one of the biggest barbecues in the world could be found in the regional playground. You could enjoy burgers in the company of other, out in the open, while your children are playing around. The Bibra Lake Reserve provides perfect opportunities for beautiful photos as well as having a relaxing walk or renting a boat to ride in the lake itself.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity and take the much-needed rest you deserve. Visit Bibra Lake!

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