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What to Do In Deauville

Deauville is also known as the Parisian Riveria. This area of France has become a tourist attraction itself since there are so many things to do in Deauville. The area has been adding more activities to do for tourists like beach side activities. Here are some of the many things to do in Deauville.


Etablissement Elie de Brignac

Elie de Brignac is a major tourist attraction in Deauville, as it is where the Miniature Horse Deauville contest is held each year. Many horse races and fairs are also held there. You can visit the horses at the Elie de Brignac.


Deauville Beach

Deauville is known for its beach. The beach is very large, so it is never overcrowded. There are many activities along the beach that you can do, like shopping and visiting the local cafes. There is also a lot of parking, so driving is not an issue. The beach is clean, which make it a great spot to just find a place to sit down and rest. The water is also clean so you can fully enjoy this amazing beach.



Thalassotherapie is a great place to relax with physical therapy. What makes Thalasssotherapie special is that they use sand, seawater, and other items from the sea in their treatments. There are claims that the minerals in their products help with illnesses. However, it should be noted that there is no scientific proof that the minerals have any effect on your health. The treatments are still highly recommended since they are very relaxing and can help with your stress levels.


Hippodrome de Clairefontaine

Hippodrome de Clairefontaine is an excellent place to visit if you are like horse racing and golf. There is something for everyone here. Kids are very welcomed at the Hippodrome de Clairfontaine as they enter for free. There is also free candy, popcorn, and tea for children, and on other days there are special activities for different age groups. If you want to enjoy the horse race without your children, there is a large supervised recreation area that they are free to play in. There are also restaurants that you can enjoy during your visit.


Deauville Golf

Golf is not for everyone, but Deauville has many amazing courses and clubs that you can visit. There are 4 courses that you can pick from, and many of the courses are designed for tourists. There is a large focus on the food that is served at these golf courses, and all three of the restaurants have excellent food.


While walking around, you can find many other things to do in Deauville, such as visiting the beaches or playing a round of golf. The area has become a popular tourist attraction because there are so many things to do that visitor enjoy.

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