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Tourists Attractions in Fukuoka

In the northern shore of Kyushu Island, Japan, you will find Fukuoka which is home to varieties of tourist attractions. This is where you will see the biggest wooden Buddha in the country located at the Buddhist Temple. There are beautiful shorelines, antiquated sanctuaries, Hakata Machiya Folk Museum, the Canal City and the Fukuoka Castle among many other attraction sites.


Fukuoka Castle

In Maizuru Park and in the middle of the city, you will find one of the best Fukuoka attractions. This is the Fukuoka Castle which was destroyed after the Meiji Restoration, and now you can only see its ruins. Facts have it that it was considered as a symbol that reminded people of a feudal past and thus it had to be destroyed. The ruins you see today consist of turrets and ruined walls.


The Fukuoka Attraction of the Canal City Hakata

Visit a city within a city in Fukuoka by heading to the Canal City Hakata. From 1000 hours to 2200 hours every day, you will enjoy water shows after every 30 minutes performed at the fountain in the centre of the complex. The Ramen Stadium is located on its 5th floor where there are 8 ramen shops. It’s a great place to enjoy noodle dishes. The Canal City Hakata consists of cafes, a theatre, cinemas, a Canal that runs through the complex, over 250 shops, a Game Centre, two hotels, and restaurants.


HuisTen Bosch Theme Park

If you are in Fukuoka with your kids, Huis Ten Bosch is a great place to be. It is a theme park that offers plenty of activities and recreates an Old Dutch Town. Named after a Dutch Royal Family residence, it is located in the Nagasaki Prefecture, and there are many amusements making it a great Fukuoka attraction. 3D technology is featured in some of the modern theatres here and in some seasons, you can enjoy great events. Two events that you should experience are the summer’s Fireworks Competition and spring’s Tulip Festival.


Nanzoin Temple tourist attractions

If you would like to see one of the most amazing religious sites in Fukuoka and the biggest bronze statue in the world, you should head to Sasaguri. The bronze weighs 300 tons, its 11 meters and 41 meters in height and length respectively. Having been completed back in the year 1995, it’s a sight to behold, and one that is a must see in Fukuoka Prefecture.


Hakata Port Tower

Built back in the year 1964, Hakata Port Tower is a must visit. From this tower standing at 103 meters, you will enjoy undisturbed views of the surroundings, the Hakata Bay, and the ships as they move. This is from its observation sect at 73.5 meters off the ground.. The lattice tower is a symbol of the Hakata Bay and is found in Hakata-ku area of Fukuoka where it is one of the best tourist attractions.


Fukuoka is a beautiful destination that offers attractions and activities despite your interests. To give you a great gastronomic experience, the harbour-side lanes are lined up with crisp fish eateries.

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