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Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has managed to capture the interests of various types of travelers since the olden times.  From Marco Polo who instantly fell in love with the island that made he declared it as the finest island all over the world to the group of European and Arab traders that has been fascinated with the huge collection of rare spices, elephants and precious gems.  Nestled on top of the equator line the accumulation of natural beauty made it a major destination for tourists who want to experience something different.  For first-time travelers who are thinking on what to do in Sri Lanka, here are some of our recommendations.


Experience the Diversity of Sri Lanka

God has endowed Sri Lanka with breathtaking sceneries that are some of the best in the whole world.  Despite of the compact size of this island that is shaped like a pearl, the diversity is evident on almost all aspects of their life.  From the prime tourist attractions that are defined by a diverse landscape to the pristine beaches, Sri Lanka is packed with land that is highlighted by various geographical features.  The flat land will end on the central part where the landscape will start to transcend into ranges that are covered with mist.  The beauty of the hillside is decorated with enthralling waterfalls.


Dive into the Rich Cultural Heritage of Sri Lanka

The profound cultural heritage of Sri Lanka has been recognized by UNESCO wherein 6 of its archeological site have been declared as World Heritage site. From the gigantic Dagobas, the remnants of the ancient structures in the sacred city of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, to the seemingly endless stairway that you can found at the shrine of Dambulla and the enthralling palace of Sigiriya.  The cultural heritage offered by the Sri Lanka attraction is assorted for different types of travelers.


Go on a Shopping Spree

The shopping adventure in Sri Lanka can take various forms.  You may haggle for the premium handcrafted items while you are enjoying and relaxing at the expansive beach of Sri Lanka attraction, or choose the rare fruits that can be found at the local community, or perhaps you prefer to shop for the latest trend in fashion in Colombo.  For the handicrafts, you may choose the traditional layout of the makara which are crafted through silverware or brass.


Go on an Adventure

Sri Lanka attraction also offers an opportunity for people who have special interest and adventure sports.  With more than 100 rivers, you can guarantee that there is an ideal place for kayaking, white-water rafting, canoeing and others.  The variety of landscape can also ensure that there is something waiting for rock climbers, mountaineers, hikers or those who want to have a jungle safari adventure.


Sri Lanka attraction will truly mesmerize its visitor.  For the newbie traveler, make sure to remember the recommendations we provided above that will allow you to completely experience Sri Lanka.

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