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Tourist Attractions in Ahmadabad: Here are What You Shouldn’t Miss

For many people, Ahmadabad is one city that has been unheard off, which is why it was always under the radar when it comes to the best destinations for a holiday. Once you get to know more about the city, however, it is easier to fall in love about its history and beauty. With this, keep on reading, and we’ll take a look at some of the best things to do in Ahmedabad. Be warned! This may ignite the wanderlust within you and can make you overly excited to discover what Ahmadabad can offer.


Law Garden Night Market

If you love shopping, this is one of the best tourist attractions that you should visit when in Ahmadabad. This is not a city of mega-malls that are filled with expensive branded items from some of the most popular designers all over the globe. Rather, it is a traditional market – a great place to look for unique finds as souvenirs. It is also an excellent opportunity to observe the way of living of the locals, which will make you learn more about their culture.


Old City Walk

Exploring any destination on foot is a good way to have an up close and personal encounter. With this, another good choice when it comes to things to do in Ahmadabad would be a leisurely stroll at the old city. More so, the Ahmadabad Munical Corporation arranges heritage walks. This will not only be a feast for the eyes but will be an interesting lesson as well as you can learn a lot of things, including those that are not written in any guidebook.


Adalaj Stepwell

Constructed in 1499, this is one Ahmadabad attraction that should definitely be on your list. During its heydays, it was used as a place to rest for pilgrims and travelers. It has five levels and has been considered as a sacred spiritual place. In the past, villagers would come here in the morning to fetch water and to pray.


Jama Mosque

While there are many mosques that you can find all over the city, this is one of the most popular. It is a 15th-century mosque with splendid beauty, which makes it a must when thinking about the best tourist attractions in Ahmadabad. It is reputed not only as one of the greatest mosques in the city but in the entire country as well.


Modhera Sun Temple

The interesting history and beautiful architecture of this temple are just some of the reasons why it is one of the best things to do in Ahmadabad. A temple that is dedicated to the sun god, it is made even more beautiful by the peaceful river that serves as its backdrop. The temple features intricate carvings that have been preserved since its construction in 1026.

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