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Top Things to Do In Greece

Greece is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world even with the financial troubles experienced in the country over the last few years. Top Greece attractions include sixty inhabited islands, sun-drenched beaches, a variety of historical sites and a varying landscape which includes awe-inspiring mountain ranges and cliffs. As you can clearly see, there is something for everyone regardless of your needs. Due to the fact that this destination has been a tourist haven for years, it also has impressive dining, shopping and accommodation options.


Read on below to find out some of the must visit tourist attractions the next time you visit Greece.


Delphi Theatre

One of the top things to do in Greece is visiting the Delphi Theatre. This top attraction used to bear a lot of significance in Greek religion. It was built back in the fourth century and could accommodate around five thousand people. It was home to Apollo’s sanctuary and oracle. The theatre was built on a hill to give visitors great views of the landscape below. To date, this remains as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece.



As one of the most alluring tourist attractions in Greece, Mystras showcases the rich history and amazing landscape that has become synonymous with the country. Mystras was the capital of Peloponnesus, a Byzantine era stronghold back in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. During the following Ottoman era, the city continued to flourish and was still inhabited. It was however deserted around 1832. The deserted city can now be toured by tourists who wish to explore the impressive medieval ruins, left behind, surrounded by an impressive landscape.


Samaria Gorge

One of the most popular things to do in Greece among tourists is walking through Samaria Gorge. The sixteen-kilometer walk through this canyon takes tourists about four to seven hours and is well worth it. Nature lovers will be impressed by the walk which takes participants through pine and cypress forests, and then through huge vertical cliffs before emerging at the Libyan sea. It is estimated that about 250,000 tourists take this walk each year.


Myrtos Beach

Voted as the best beach in Greece over ten times in the past, Myrtos Beach is definitely one of the most impressive tourist attractions in the country. The beach lies off stiff cliffs, with the blue waters forming a beautiful contrast with the white sandy beach.


It is worth noting that the above list represents some of the top Greece attractions. There are many more including the alluring island of Santorini among others. Be sure to plan your travel itinerary properly to ensure that you have the best chance of comprehensively exploring this impressive destination.

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