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Top Monaco Sightseeing Opportunities

Aside from drinking your champagne in style while beach bumming, there are so many ways to discover Monaco.  You can get a glimpse on the diverse marine life of Monaco by visiting Oceanographic Museum and view some of the rare collection of cactus at the Exotic Garden.  In case you want some Ayurvedic or spa treatment, you can have a relaxing experience at Thermes Marins or if you want to test your luck, head directly to Monte-Carlo Casino.  On the off chance that you are not touring to see the Monaco sightseeing opportunities, you can just admire the stunning scenery of the place while indulging in the mouth-watering taste of the local cuisine.


Larvotto Beach

Larvotto is one of the most prominent beaches in Monaco.  This place is situated moments away from Monte-Carlo and remains open to the public all year round.  However, just like most of the French beaches, Larvotto is covered with pebbles, so make sure that you will wear something durable on your feet and prepare to spend some cash for the rental fee on the chair.  This is recommended for travelers of different ages.  The water is a bit shallow yet clear, and it is fully-equipped with beach facilities.  When you are going for a Monaco sightseeing, plan ahead of time since the place can get crowded.


Monte-Carlo Casino

Discover Monaco through the Monte-Carlo casino that exemplifies the city.  The architectural design of this casino was managed by prime architect Charles Garnier who is also the mind behind the Paris Opera.  This place also gives you an opportunity to watch the ballet and opera.  This structure has been shown in Hollywood movies such as Goldeneye and Never Say Never Again.  This is also the inspiration behind the Casino Royale.  Travelers said that this Monaco sightseeing opportunity is a must-see when you are travelling to Monaco.  However, you must be at least 18 years old to enter the facility.


Oceanographic Museum

This museum Monaco was founded in the year 1910 and is definitely one of the places that you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Monaco.  This place highlights the expedition made by Prince Albert through the various fruits displayed and the humongous skeleton of whale at the zoology.  It is equipped with over 90 tanks and regarded as one of the best Museums in Europe.  In case you are travelling to Monaco with your kids, they will definitely appreciate this place.  The Oceanographic Museum holds a lot of marine species for an informative and educational travel.


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