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Top Four Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Denver

Denver has surprises around every turn from the weather to numerous mountains, public parks and nightlife that will amaze even the most astute traveler. Denver’s climate is not one that people would think when they envision Colorado. Denver on average has more sunny days, over three hundred, than Miami and San Francisco leaving the golf courses and open air shops and cafes open all year long. In the winter the daily average is a mild forty-five degrees, and in the summer the highs average out about a dry arid eighty-five degrees.


Denver sits east of the Rocky Mountains and is known as the Mile High City with vast metropolises and populous suburban areas. Denver is the capital city of Colorado and became super populated during the gold rush during eighteen fifty-eight, which peaked as the largest city in the western US by eighteen seventy.


Denver Attractions

Landmark Brothel

Sitting at 2009 Market Street is the first and most infamous brothel that now has become a Denver Landmark. It is in customary traditions that state that the first structure built in Denver was a saloon which Market Street in downtown Denver has many. Nightlife, bars, hotels and upscale restaurants are in true tradition on Market Street making it one of the must-see tourist attractions.


Larimer Square

Larimer Square has become one of the best things to do in Denver ever since beginning in eighteen fifty-eight when it was the gold camp for Green Russel known as Auraria. Today, Larimer Square hosts several huge festivals, ample nightlife and restaurants and is still known as the heart of Denver keeping it one of the must-see Denver attractions.


Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

Red Rocks Park covers over nine hundred miles of hiking trails, sandstone cliffs, and lies between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains. The views are awesome, and the amphitheater hosts many large names in the music industry where the surrounding cliff and mountain sides offer great sound and acoustic mix to your listening pleasure.


Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is one of the most cost effective tourist attractions, especially for larger families. They have a vast array of exhibits from Star Wars, Asian artistry, Italian customary artwork, pottery, home furnishings and even photography. Most people will spend two or more hours combing through the large two-building Denver Art Museum just taking in the exhibits and wonders that will astound.


Visit one of the many different Denver attractions on your next vacation and take on a nature hike at one of the best tourist attractions at Red Rocks Park. There are so many things to do in Denver you may want to take a few weeks just to explore all it has to offer.

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