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Top 5 Things to do in Presidente Franco

If you visit Paraguay, Presidente Franco city is the most dominant hotbed due to its natural ambiance, beautiful waterfalls, prolific architecture, and much more. The place swarms with spots to throw you into a whole range of activities and picnics, viewpoints and outdoor sports such as rafting. Although Paraguay is landlocked, the country’s rivers carve out beautiful beaches in striking tropical climates. The beach near surf breaks acts as a magnet for tourists during summers. Top off your to-do list with a broad variety of sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and water rafting along with accommodation and nightlife.


Saltos de Monday

Saltos de Monday 40m high fall offloading three main waterfalls flow adjacently to the entrance of the River Monday, a large tributary feeding the Paraná River. It spawns a glittering scene bustling with white foam and mist clouding as droplets pummel rocks. The labyrinthine vegetation hugging Monday River can be glimpsed from a patchwork of walkways and vantage points. Saltos de Monday offers numerous picnics, camping, and hikes.


The Paraná River

The Paraná River’s profusion provides a beautiful scenic view of a confluence of streams flowing into River Monday, which joins the Paraná. The Paraná River displays beautiful waters and gigantic leaps forming imposing views. The Interior Atlantic Forest parcelled out of the Alto Paraná has fallen under state protection has diverse and rich flora that acts as a home for indigenous wildlife eking out there.


Museum Cabildo

The Museum Cabildo captures various aspects of Paraguayan history with displays of antique artifacts, religious art and a slew of tidbits of indigenous culture. Museum Cabildo served as the Legislative Palace in 1870 in the proclamation of the country’s first constitution.   For a quick rundown on Paraguayan history and a tinge of Spanish culture, the picturesque Museo del Cabildo building blends artifacts capturing early Asuncion and Paraguay.


Milestone of Tres Fronteras

Milestone of Tres Fronteras is a 3 kilometre long peters out downhill at the intersection of the Paraguay River and Iguacu River with a vista of neighbouring Argentina and Brazil. The place jazzes up your trip with alluring architecture, a string of restaurants, cafes, and accommodation hotels.


Traditions, Festivals and Events in Presidente Franco


You’ll have a whale of a time at Presidente Franco due to the wonderful local culture, people, and celebrations. In March, the city becomes a beehive of activity with the Brotherhood in Tres Fronteras, Festival of Integration, and Paraguayan traditional dance. The festivals feature distinctive traditions, songs, dance, cuisine, and parties kicking off at dawn and outlasting nights.



Whether you start with the Saltos de Monday to climb and rappel its stone walls surrounded by pristine foliage, explore the swathes of the Parana River or visit historical monuments, Presidente Franco presents a hotbed. The Museum Moisés Bertoni’ adjacent to the banks of the river contains unique flora and legacies of Bertoni in various fields. The region boasts one of Paraguay’s most treasured park, landmarks, museums, and other types of attractions to include in your wish list.

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