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Top 5 Places to Tour When You Visit Gdańsk

Gdańsk is located in the busy coastal region of Poland. The place is known to be touristic because it enshrines luxurious hotels and stunning recreational amenities like the prison Tower and Long market. Besides the recreational treasures, this place is also known to contain delicious wines and mouth-watering dishes that people can order and enjoy themselves. You can never miss a Gdańsk Attraction to visit when you tour this place because it is packed with all sorts of amenities that can make people spend their time happily.


The Neptune Fountain

This is a Wellspring that is located in Florence Italy and it was founded in 1565. It was made by the carver called BartolomeoAmmannati who designed it and aided in its construction and finishing. It has endured a lot of harms including war, fire and other dangers. The Bourbon bombardments of 1845 threatened its existence but it remained intact and it became more spellbinding after being rectified. It is regarded as among the Gdańsk Attractions that tourists normally long to visit when they come to Poland.


The Crane-Zuraw

This crane is a very instrumental portion of the National Maritime Museum. It was the biggest crane that used to load vessels docked at the Quay. This traditional crane, it used to be powered by men, had the capability of raisin g over 2000 kilograms making it the biggest crane in the whole of Europe. Wheels were later included in the mid-17th century and the crane can now be viewed even when one stands at the Maritime Museum.


Uphagen House

This is a vendor house that has been in existence since the 18th century. It is located in Gdansk Poland and it is a very beautiful place to tour especially for those who like breathtaking venues. In 1775, the house was claimed by Johann Uphagen before becoming a historical site in Europe. The house is situated at 12 Długa Street in Gdańsk and it is known to be among the top trade houses in Europe. In your list of things to do in Gdańsk, you should include visiting this place.


Visit the Maritime Museum

This is a sea exhibition that was built and completed in January 1962. It is the management centre where business gatherings, enquiries and global exchange matters as well as ship transport matters are handled and negotiated. There are different types of entertainment performances that take place in this Museum because the museum contains many types of venues and artefacts in it.


Wrzeszcz District

This District is located on the Northern side of Gdansk, and it is a very spectacular in that contains top-notch architectural buildings. Before the district came into existence, the place used to be a home for the heather. You can enjoy the superb restaurants, lavish night clubs and breathtaking venues of the place.


The bottom line is that Gdansk is a nice place to be when you visit Poland. There are so many Gdańsk Attractions that you can visit and enjoy.

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