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Top 4 Things to Do in Kfardebian

Kfrardebian is a spellbinding town located in Keserwan district, Lebanon. The place is located in Mount Lebanon municipality, and it is just a few hours’ drive from Jounieh and the capital city of Beirut. Although it is a small municipality, it is known to contain many luxurious amenities such as mountains, recreational fields and attractive places where people can visit.


Mzaar ski resort, Oyoun El Siman

This is the biggest ski resort in the Middle East leave alone in Lebanon. It is located near Beirut which means one can easily access it. The skiing heights on this place are estimated to be from 1850 meters to 2465 meters.  When you reach the highest point, you will have the opportunity of seeing the scenery beauty surrounding the town like Bekaa Valley, Mount Hermon of the Anti-Lebanon and Zaarour. You will also be able to see the enchanting waterfront towns and even the Beirut capital itself. This is why locals and tourists regard it as among best Kfardebian Attraction.


Snowmobiling and ATV Summer Tours

A trip to the mesmerising valleys that are fully covered by snow can be one of the entertaining adventures. Every tour is well arranged to ensure that all requirements are met for a perfect adventure. Tourists board the Quadra bikes and step into the open lands and mountains where snow covers everywhere. These trips are good during the winter because it makes tourists enjoy the warmth of the Middle East. This activity is very adventurous because people explore all kinds of destinations, from valleys, rivers, mountains to open fields and forests. This is why many tourists keep in their list of things to do in Kfardebian.


Mountain Climbing

This is one of the most entertaining activities to do when you visit Labanon. The Fakra Mountains are known to be ideal for mountain climbing purposes because they have big stones that people can attach their climbing ropes and move up the mountains. The good thing is that there are experts who will always accompany you as you enjoy your mountain climbing experience. You will not only enjoy the climbing, but you will also witness the aerial view of the whole town when you reach the top. Fakra is among the top Kfardebian Attractions.


Fakra Ruins

This is a spectacular site that showcases the remains of the Roman and Byzantine era. The site is located in Mount Sannine, and it was declared a world Heritage site by UNESCO long time ago. The components of the site are arranged into the tower, the little sanctuary and the immense haven. You should not forget to carry your camera for you to capture photos of the medieval structures for future remembrance.


The bottom line is that Kfardebian is a wonderful place to visit because, besides the tourist attraction sites, the place also contains superb restaurants and night clubs where people can spend their time in. You will also have a variety of hotels to choose from for you to spend your night in. The best time to visit the place is winter when the weather is conducive for touring places.

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