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Things to do in Turin – Huge Choice

Turin is a city which is conveniently located in the northern parts of Italy, and it’s without a doubt a cultural and business hub in the region. It has its location on the left bank of the River Po and its right in front of the Susa Valley. The current population of the city is about 2.2 million and it receives quite a lot of foreign visitors and tourists every single year. With this in mind, if you are wondering about famous tourist attractions in Turin or other Turin attractions, let’s take a quick look.


Mole Antonelliana

This is one of the most important landmarks that you’d want to see if you are visiting Italy, let alone Turin itself. The landmark is named after the architect who was responsible for it. The construction lasted for the significant amount of 36 years between 1863 and 1889. It used to be a synagogue but right now it’s a fully functional Museum of the National Cinema, and it’s currently the tallest museum in the entire world. This is definitely one of the things to do in Turin – in case you are wondering.


Museo Egizio

Going to the Museo Egizio should definitely be on the top spots of your bucket lists if you are visiting Turin. This is one of the most famous Turin attractions and that’s ‘definitely for a lot of good reasons. Some of the items in the museums date back hundreds of years ago, and that’s why it attracts thousands of visitors every single year – it has more than 30,000 artifacts in it.


The Royal Palace of Turin

Of course, you are well aware of the fact that Italy is quite famous for the tremendously splendid architecture as well as for the beautiful buildings. With this in mind, if you are planning to go ahead and go there, you might want to visit one of the famous tourist attractionsthe Royal Palace.

You can easily learn a lot about the history not only of Turin but of the entire region. This is one of the best places to go, especially if you are enthusiastic about learning new and interesting things.


Of course, these don’t even begin to describe all the interesting things to do in Turinthere are quite a lot more. It’s one of the most characteristic cities in Italy, and it definitely has quite a lot to offer. So, with this in mind, visiting the places mentioned above should only be a starting point.


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