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Things to Do In Paraguay

If you plan to visit Paraguay for your next trip, you will explore the country’s vast swathes of wilderness and modern cities. The countryside offers a variety of tourist activities such as cultural trips, outdoor adventure, and ecotourism. Also, the incredible architecture, natural splendour, and cultural landmarks give visitors a breathtaking and memorable Latin American trip. Beneath the lush green forests carpeting Paraguay’s landscapes, you will explore distinct flora and fauna at various national parks. In case you don’t have a clue on what to do in Paraguay, you can try these top picks of tourism activities.


Visit Cities

Asuncion, the capital city, gives you the key to unlock urban life, local culture, and unknown gems. The city delicately ensconces to terrific landscapes along the Paraguay River. From scenic foothills to the horizon of the city and blooming flora, the city amasses a unique combination of urban culture while conserving natural elements. The city has other tourist attractions including the Parque Carlos Antonio Lopez Park, Museo Nacioncal de Bellas Artes Museum, Calle Palma, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the botanical garden and zoo. San Bernadino Concepcion, the second largest city in Paraguay swarms with modern structures. The city has beautiful squares dotted by shopping malls, bars, clubs, restaurants, and annual celebrations. If you visit Paraguay, Presidente Franco pops up due to its wealth of spots such as the Saltos del Monday Waterfall, viewpoints, and exotic proliferation of flora and fauna.



Paraguay has many museums drawing from the country’s history and cultural heritage. Well-known museums include Museum Cabildo, Museo del Barro, Jakob Unger Museum, and Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia Museum. Top art museums are located in cities such as Asuncion but share the same attribute of a fresh and intriguing throwback into history, socio-politics, culture and traditions of Paraguayans. Take a glimpse into Paraguay’s deep ends at these museums strewn all over the country.


Asuncion provides a gateway to Gran Chaco, vast swathes of tropical, scrubland, savanna forest and swampy marshes located in western Paraguay. It bands together various nature reserves, including Médanos del Chaco National Park, Lagoon Inmakata National Park, and National Defensores del Chaco. The government has pumped money to protect these areas to prevent the extinction of different, sparse plants and mammals like the jaguar, night monkeys, puma, giant anteaters, tapir, and more than 500 species of birds. Even at these reserves, you don’t have to worry about what to do in Paraguay. Knuckle down to picnicking, hiking, and a view of treetops by tying ropes.


Topmost Tourist Attractions

The 17-th century Jesuit reductions and UNESCO World Heritage Sites remain on the front lines of Paraguayan tourist attractions. Get more views and capture momentous events and at the Fort of San Carlos, the Iguazo Falls, Itaipu Dam, Fort Olimpo, Tacuati, and Cerro Guazu’s petroglyphs. When you visit Paraguay, you’ll not only encounter unique tourist attractions but also leap at picnics and get opportunities to hike, camp, mountain-climbing, rappel, zip line, and much more.

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