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Things to Do In Liverpool

The United Kingdom is the perfect destination for a summer trip if you are sick of the constant heat and drought. The climate during the summer is soft, and there are plenty of monuments, parks, gardens and overall tourist attractions to visit. Liverpool is a good example of a major city with long history. What to do in Liverpool you might be wondering?


Metropolitan Cathedral

Doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, Christian or Muslim, The cathedral is among the most noticeable Liverpool Attractions with its mesmerising architecture. It is a fairly new building, designed and built in the mid-60s of the previous century. It has the form of a cone with 13 chapels around, and interior integrates marble with beautiful designs. There are four bells on the top which alert people at every round hour or on notable Christian holidays. It is best that you take a tour of the cathedral with a guide as he or she will be able to provide interesting facts about it.


Anfield Stadium

A religious place of a different kind, Even though it is currently the stadium of Liverpool, it was initially built for Everton, as Liverpool was not even founded as a club at that time.  Everton, however, didn’t manage to pay the rent and was forced out to make room for the rookie. You don’t have to be a Liverpool fan; in fact, you don’t have to be a football fan to be worth taking a tour of the stadium. It’s an amazing venue where multiple sport events are held as well as concerts. It is one of the best Liverpool Attractions as the acoustic was planned, designed in built over the course of years in order to make the sound effects as good as possible.


Bluecoat Chambers

Among other things to do in Liverpool is the art venue of Bluecoat Chambers. It is located in the central part of the city and has built its reputation over the course of centuries offering different kind of experiences to visitors through the utilisation of creativity and innovation. The venue was originally found in the early 18th century and was a school. As the time past it transformed into an art house and is currently the place to observe exciting new things.  The location provides a pleasant environment for a variety of art-related and cultural events such as concerts, lectures, art exhibitions, book and poetry readings and others. As it would take some time to explore the whole place, you could take a rest in the nearby café or bar where you could satisfy your thirst or hunger.


There are other things to do in Liverpool as well such as visiting the Slavery Museum or visit The Liverpool Cathedral, which is the seating place of the Bishop of Liverpool. The city has a Rich historical heritage and provides for different attractions.

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