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Things to Do In Charleston

The United States is a fairly young country compared to nations around the globe; however, that does not mean that their history has any lack of action. Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the country and is located between two rivers. Its name comes in honour of Charles the Second, a former king of Britain. There is a variety of things to do in Charleston from observing beautiful natural see sights to taking tours of museums or trying out the local culinary. This article is meant to summarise the best Charleston Attractions


Fort Sumter

It’s not only a fort; it’s a sea fort spreading around a hundred thousand square metres. Sounds huge, don’t it? It was one of the most significant military bases during the American Civil War and is currently under a federal protection as a landscape. This is major historical monument and probably the best Charleston Attraction to visit. We recommend that you take a public tour, which has a proper organisation and is most likely the best way to explore the location. Going around alone could result into you getting lost, and some locations are forbidden to the public. On a yearly basis, the monument is visited by more than a million people. A cool thing you could do is go there by a boat, as there are regular ferry rides to the location and you will be able to explore the sea part of the landscape.


The City Market

The market was originally opened in the mid 19th century, and it brought vendors from all over the state and nearby states to sell their items.  Currently, it is among one of the most interesting things to do in Charleston as you could go around stores and waste a whole day shopping for different things.  If you get tired of the shopping spree or simply prefer to visit some cultural sights, there is always the Confederate Museum to visit or simply observe the beauty of the old architecture. There is a mixture of different restaurants that serve different culinary to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the tourists. Often there are organised events of different types which provide for a great experience.


Middleton Place

A beautiful garden outside of Charleston which is also the oldest landscape garden in the country, you might go there for a picnic or take advantage of the stable to go for a horse ride and take a tour of the whole area. There is also a house museum which was the birthplace of person that signed the Declaration of Independence.


It is a pleasant Charleston attraction and is certainly worth the trip if you are going south in the state. Even if it would cause a slight detour, we still recommend it as you will not be disappointed.


There are many different things to do in Charleston, however those three as definitely on top of the list. Feel free to discover any new ones by yourself and share them with the world.

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