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Things to Do In Canada

Canada is also known as the most pleasant country in the world. The biggest disadvantage the nation has is that the people are too friendly. That is not even a joke. Even though it is among the biggest countries in the world, the majority of populated areas are tucked in the southern part of the country. There is a variety of things to do in Canada depending on the city you are going to visit, although we recommend you take a full tour of the country as it would prove to be an educational experience.



The most populated city in the country and therefore often confused as the capital of the country, which is Ottawa. The tourist attractions in Toronto are many and it the city has to offer something for people of all ages and interests. If you are into art, we recommend you to visit the Royal Ontario Museum which one of the most visited historical museums in the world. Its most famous display is the dinosaur skeletons. It might take you a whole day to go through the whole place, but you could always take a rest in the café where you could treat yourself to a lunch and coffee.


Obviously, the most visited among the Canada Attractions are the Niagara Falls. They are located only an hour ride away from Toronto, where you could observe the power our planet’s nature holds as it drops down three-quarters of a million gallons of water each minute. There is also the option to take a helicopter tour of the whole area and observe everything from a bird view. There are not many things to do in Canada which could beat that.



That is the second largest city and considered the “French Capital” of Canada as the majority of its population speaks French. If you came to the country to observe beautiful architecture, then the Notre Dame Basilica is the place to visit, with its phenomenal structure which holds mysterious symbols all around the place. The Sacred Heart Chapel, a part of the Basilica requires a year in advance reservation if you would want to hold your wedding there.


You could opt in to take a tour of the old city of Montreal which was built during the 17th century. You will walk on top of historical pavement and experience the pleasant atmosphere of the area.


If you are a fan of sports, you could visit the Olympic centre built for the 1976 Olympics and currently a place for the young generation to take different kind of sport activities and prepare them for future competitions.


Tourist attractions in Canada are impossible to describe in a single list. You could visit historical monuments, or you could experience the life of a lumberjack by opting in for a 1-day experience which rents you a set of clothes and takes you on a tour with professional lumberjacks. The variety of activities is so vast that a person should experience them on its own in order to realise their significance.

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