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Things to do in Palmerston North

Palmerston North packs attractive attributes making it the only hotbed that will spice your trip with variety. It teems with marvellous scenic walks, hunting spots, bike trails, and the vantage location makes it a nerve centre for deeper explorations. Palmerston’s position interconnects it to a network of fun pockets such as the Manawatu Gorge, Wellington, Auckland, North Island’s ski fields, pristine beaches, and Mount Taranaki. A multicultural melting point, the region’s people, has enriched the culture, heritage, and history to complement sightseeing, hiking, camping, excursions, and hospitality. Join streaming crowds strolling, cycling or exploring the Manawatu Riverside Walkway to capture enchanting glimpses of the Manawatu River, Victoria Esplanade Gardens, Anzac Cliffs, and lofty landscapes.


Outdoor Activities

Venture out to cycle, waterway boating on the Rangitikei River, and hunting spots in this region. You can relish in boat tours at Arafura Bluewater Charters, Palmerston golf courses, or check in at Spas and wellness centres strewn all over. If you love New Zealand rugby, feast your eyes on imposing giants to catch a humorous or momentous moment at Turbo games. Other activities include Manfield racing, horse racing track, Ten Pin Blowing and indoor rock climbing. The Manawatu Gorge road remains unbeaten until you trek the path for fitness and get panoramic views of river rapids, exotic slip site, and turbines. More fun and games await you and your family at Lido Aquatic Centre, Kids Republic, and Dugald MacKenzie Rose Gardens.


Hidden Palmerston North’s Gems

As you travel to Palmy, you will enjoy side trip goodies in packages such as nature and wildlife, Virginia Lake and the splendour of topography. You can then visit the Esplanade Scenic Railway and the Robertson Holden International Speedway. The Manawatu Gorge presents a yawning river valley traverse to water flow with glaciers and spectacular views from the highway. The Victoria Esplanade Gardens pack a jewel in Palmy North’s crown with an epic history evolving from a public recreation park 19th century into a well-groomed sprawling backyard. The garden contains three sections, viz. rose beds, germination grounds, and the plant variety rights accumulation. Stroll through the yard to see more than 5000 species of roses arrayed in beds. They say every rose has a thorn, but Victoria Esplanade Gardens have rare species with none.



Wring out a rich heritage of rugby at the Rugby Museum New Zealand rounding up the finest collections of the game. New Zealand keeps pushing the envelope of the Herculean match; this museum unmasks uncrowned rugby kings with inspiring stories. Immerse yourself into the country’s unique rugby heritage and visit the have-a-go section to have a whack of the oval ball. Conversely, the Medical Museum nestled at Palmerston North Hospital has a theater containing operating tables, autoclaves, anaesthetic machines, and other equipment. The dominant display consists of the iron lung, staff uniforms, “Ward 13”, orthopedic instruments incubators, ophthalmic equipment, hearing aids, a school dental clinic, and textbook archives.



Palmerston North abounds with a string of tourist hotbeds and travel activities. What’s more, the scenic journey to remote Manawatu unfolds rural landscapes, picnic areas, paths, caves, and native habitats. Palmy North unlocks the complexity and diversity of a distant city fenced in by an outdoor enthusiast’s bustling picnic spots.

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