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Things to do in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to plenty of attractions with most of them being natural. The country boasts of a wealth of culture, historical attraction sites, and art. For the wine lovers, going on a wine tour is one of the things to do in New Zealand.


St. Mary’s Basilicain Invercargill

Just near the Otepuni Gardens and St. Joseph’s School in Invercargil, you will find a great New Zealand attraction site. This is the St. Mary’s Basilica which was opened back in 190 as a Catholic church. Listed as a Category I Historic Place, this amazing piece of architecture was designed by Francis Petre. The arched windows are cream coloured, the exterior is crisp, it’s built of red bricks, cornices, glass windows in the dome and quoins.


Mclaren Falls Park is One of New Zealand Attractions

If you love watersports activities and you are in Tauranga, you should head to the McLaren Falls Park. In the park after sunset, you can see sparkle worms at the Waterfall Track. It is an amazing recreation centre where you can enjoy a walk, and whether you are using a portability bike cordial or a wheelchair, you can access the park with ease. It is one of the most popular New Zealand attractions for outdoor activities. There are varieties of plant species, you can enjoy angling, picnics, shows, kayaking and hedge strolls among other activities.


Visit TeRewaRewa Bridge

Crossing te Waiwhakaiho River, the TeRewaRewa Bridge which means a burial ground is a popular landmark. Visiting this cycle way and pedestrian bridge in New Plymouth is one of the things to do in New Zealand.


Victoria Esplanade Gardens New Zealand Attraction

Being the New Zealand Rose Society International Rose Trial Grounds home and having over 5,000 roses is one of the reasons you should visit the Victoria Esplanade Gardens in Palmerston North. Opened back in the year 1968, once here you will understand the reason the World Federation of Rose Societies awarded the Victoria Esplanade Gardens a Garden of Excellence honour. It consists on named beds in its trial grounds, the formal rose beds, and the plant assortment rights accumulation.


Visit Mount Tarawera in Rotorua

One of the most notable volcanic eruptions in New Zealand happened at Mount Tarawera back in the year 1886 and killed over 150 people while destroying the surroundings. The eruption distorted the landscape which can clearly be seen today. This is an important New Zealand attraction. The recreated landscape and the mountain are some of the reasons that Mount Tarawera has become a popular attraction. You can enjoy mountain biking, walking and hiking to see the amazing landscape.


From Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedine, Rotorua, Invercargill, Napier to Hamilton and New Plymouth, you will see plenty of New Zealand attractions that are breathtaking. Whether you love watersports activities, outdoor activities, historical and culture learning, New Zealand has something for everyone. You can never run out of the New Zealand attractions to visit.

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