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Stunning Places to Visit in Copenhagen

When you are looking at the postcards and the various travel blog, the words that are used to describe Copenhagen may sound exaggerated. This Danish Capital is renowned for its design-consciousness and heralded as the world’s most bike-friendly and sustainable city. It is also defined as the ultimate culinary destination where some of the best restaurants all over the world can be found. Based on statistics, it also houses the happiest people in the planet. With the huge selection of things to do in Copenhagen, you are probably wondering where you should start. Here are some of our recommendations.


Best Things to Do in Copenhagen


One essential tip before we start enumerating the best places to visit in Copenhagen; in case you think your time is constrained, we encourage you to join the bus and canal tour that will take you to the amazing destination in this city.


Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park that should be included in your top places to visit in Copenhagen. This place is situated near the City Hall and since it is close to the Central Station, reaching this destination would be relatively easy. This place was established in the year 1843 and has now become a national treasure. A lot of renowned personality has visited this stunning garden like Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney just to name a few. Perhaps one of the reasons why this is frequented by the tourist is due to the reason that it has something to offer to every traveller. The sight is amazing with lush gardens highlighting the beauty of the historic structures and unique architectures.


The Little Mermaid

One of the best places to visit in Copenhagen is the Langelinje Pier where you will see the most popular destination in Copenhagen, The Little Mermaid. The sculpture was first unveiled in 1913. It was given as a gift by Carl Jacobsen. The sculpture was inspired from the tale written by Hans Christian Andersen who decided to give up everything she has to be with the man she adores. Sadly, this piece of art has always been a vandalism victim. There was a time when her hand was removed and an instance when paint was thrown on her. Authorities often restored her in order to welcome the people coming at the harbour.


Kronborg Castle

If you are looking for the most admired Danish Tower, then one of the places to visit in Copenhagen would be Kronborg Castle. In case you’ve heard about the Hamlet of Shakespeare, then you are probably familiar with this structure. Joining a tour inside the castle will give you the opportunity to see the rooms with baroque interior design. Ogier the Dane’s statue and the Grand Ballroom are the main attraction on this structure.


The city is filled with things to do and places to visit in Copenhagen that will satisfy the taste and preference of every tourist. Armed with history dating back to 1403, it is filled with historic landmarks and structures that will pique your interest.

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