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Six Most Unbelievable Things to Do in Taiwan

Taiwan is an extraordinary place to visit with many landmarks and different types of cultures clashing under the influence of the Chinese and Filipinos. The geography of the country provides with excellent spots for mountain trekking or just trips away from the dynamic life of the major cities. You could spend a whole summer backpacking through the country, and there will still be a ton of things to do in Taiwan.  We have created a small list to cover some of them:


Jiu Fen Old Street

Some call this the Santorini of Taiwan because of its mix of sea view while standing in the mountains among different types of architecture. It is certainly a place which cannot be described with words, but should be experienced. It is located on a 20 minutes’ bus trip outside of Taipei and is one of the best Taiwan attractions any tourist could hope for


The Gold Mine at Gold Ecological Park

Not something you could do every day, certainly an extraordinary experience. These gold mines were worth fortunes during the 1900s but are not mostly a Taiwan attraction due to the museum which explains everything regarding the mining industry. If you are as clueless as I were on the topic that is a great place to learn.


The Golden Waterfall

A mesmerising view of water in a golden colour making its way down a mountain. The copper and gold mines located in the area have polluted the water to create something quite beautiful as it reflects the sunlight. It is located near the gold mine at gold ecological park, so it’s a natural extension to the trip and we highly recommend it.


Mountain KeeLung

One of the stress relieving things to do in Taiwan. You can climb on top of it in less than an hour with its 588m above the sea level highest reachable point. The panoramic view you will observe on top will, however, take your breath away.


Long Shan Temple

This is a good place to experience the history of the country. One of the most visited places in Taipei as it gives a good idea of Taiwan’s symbiosis between modernity and traditional culture. You will experience the daily religious life of the locals.


And If You Feel Melancholy, Visit the Highest Located Starbucks on the Planet

There is nothing particular about this Starbucks apart of it providing a bird eye view on the whole city of Taipei. Keep in mind that if you are afraid of heights that might not be the place for you as the huge skyscraper uses French style windows to expose the amazing view. Another thing to note is that you need a special pass to enter the building, which could be obtained from an outside machine if you are visiting the Starbucks.


Taiwan is a good mixture of the modern world and cultural inheritance from the Japanese, Chinese and Filipinos. A place like no other, you should surely experience.


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