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Places to See and Things to Do in Taupo

There’s no shortage of things to do in Taupo. Whether you want to relax, go sightseeing, or get an adrenaline rush, the resort area around Lake Taupo has everything for everyone. Surround the massive lake is a wide range of contrasting landscapes that include lush national park, steamy geothermal regions, and wild river rapids.


The things to do in Taupo depend on which season you go there. The activities available greatly differ in the winter and summer seasons. During winter, Taupo offers snow sports at the nearby ski fields. You can also enjoy the naturally heated springs and pools that overlook some of the best sceneries in New Zealand.


When summer comes, it is all about water. The lake and the nearby Huka Falls provide a wide range of activities for those who want to enjoy the wonderful season. Some of the activities include sailing, kayaking, jet boating, and fishing, just to name a few.


Huka Prawn Park

One of the things to do in Taupo is to catch your own prawns and eat them. You can experience this at the Huka Prawn Park, which is just a couple of minutes away from the town centre of Taupo.


Huka Prawn Park is more than just catching prawns. It has several activities for both kids and adults. Kids can play at the adventure playgrounds, while the young at heart can hit a couple of golf balls at the Killer Prawn Golf.


You have a choice of cooking the prawns you have caught yourself or have the restaurant do it for you. You and your family can dine along the river while you feast on the prawns and other dishes.


Hike Up Mount Tauhara

An item on the list of things to do in Taupo is to hike up Mount Tauhara. While the trail is not well-kept, it provides more excitement as you and your friends hike up towards the summit. Once you have reached the top, you get a beautiful view of Taupo and the surrounding area.


Wairakei Terraces and Thermal Health Spa

The best hot springs in Taupo is at the Wairakei Terraces and Thermal Health Spa. It is open for people 14 years old and older, Water from the Wairakei geothermal steamfield flow into pools that are located in the middle of gardens.


Aside from taking a therapeutic soak in the pool, you can also take a tour on the Terraces Walkway that features a recreated Maori village, artificial geysers and silica terraces, and carvings showing the history of New Zealand.


Huka Falls

A trip to Taupo is incomplete without visiting Huka Falls. It marks where the Waikato drops into a surging pool. You can walk on the Huka Falls Walkway to get near to the falls or take the Aratiatia Rapids Walking and Cycling Track to head towards the rapids.


These are some of the things to do in Taupo. Whatever your style or taste might be, you will find the right activity in New Zealand’s ultimate playground. Once you are there, you will know why locals call it the Great Lake Taupo.

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