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Places and Things to Do in Salalah

The next time you are planning your vacation it Salalah is one of the greatest destinations you should consider first on your list. Salalah is the second largest city in the Omar and one of the largest tourist attraction destinations. With the perfect weather, there are quite a number of things to do and destinations to visit once you arrive to Salalah. The following are some of the few tourist attractions that you should consider visiting.


Al Fazayih Beach

Vacation is a time to relax and enjoy yourself and what better way to do this other than visiting the famous Al Fazayih Beach. With a coast line that stretches up to 7km, there are quite a number of activities you’ll get to do while at the beach. Get to enjoy nature tourist attractions by exploring the great topography and the breathtaking view of the beach. You can also go and cool yourself by swimming or surfing in the ocean. However, you need to be cautious of the tidal waves. Get to enjoy the delicious prepared fish at the Fisherman’s Cove.


Al Mughasil Beach

Al Mughasil Beach is another great beach and most sorted after Salalah attractions. This beach is famously like for its calm and peaceful environment and perfect coastline. Apart from swimming and surfing the beach waters, you can be able to enjoy the delicious foods prepared in some of the greatest restaurants while enjoy bird watching and camel riding.


Frankincense Land Museum

Home to all the history and facts of the Oman culture, the Museum is one of the most frequently visited tourist attraction sites in Salalah. Located strategically near the port of Al-Baleed accessing this great historic attraction shouldn’t be much of a bother. Ensure you visit these great Salalah attractions and share in the deep Oman culture that is stored in precious artifacts.


Marneef Cave

Marneef cave is truly mesmerizing site to behold and probably the main reason why it is among the favorite Salalah attractions sites. Apart from the beautiful topography that makes your bird viewing experience memorable, the cave has three naturally blowholes that makes the water shoot up during the monsoon season hence creating and experience of its own.


Taqah Castle

Tourist and more so history loves always find the Taqah castle quite the fantasy when visiting Salalah city. This castle hosts some of the greatest weapons and cookware exhibits. When visiting the castle ensure you visit the craft shop, visit the prisons and storage room. Go through the video displays and appreciate the interior décor of the castle.


The above some of the greatest tourist attractions you will find in Salalah. With lots of things to do in Salalah city should be your next holiday destination.


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