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Must-Visit Locations in Taichung

A lot of people are travelling to Taiwan on an annual basis, but they never went outside the border of Taipei. These travellers are missing the awesome regions that will provide them with a diverse and in-depth look on the culture and tradition of the country. Taichung is a city that will give you a different flavour of Taiwan. It doesn’t have that insane energy of the capital city, but there is something about the Taichung attractions that made it one of the popular tourist destinations.


Amazing Things to do in Taichung

The beauty of Taichung is evident on its outstanding literature and arts, ancient history and copious ecosystem. While trying to achieve modernisation, the city still managed to preserve its historical structures which are some of the best Taichung attractions that you will see.


Go on a Culinary Adventure

The fine dining experience in Taichung is a major tourist drawer. Le Mout is located in Taichung which is named as one of the 50 best restaurants found in Asia. The restaurant also offers a huge list of premium wines in Taiwan. Nonetheless, if you are on a budget trip, the inexpensive restaurants in Taichung also offer a mouth-watering local cuisine. From the street stands that are offering the best-tasting fried chicken in Taiwan to the noodles stands that will leave you wanting for more, going on a gastronomic adventure is indeed one of the things to do in Taichung.


Indulge In the Local Culture and Arts

Taichung is known as the cultural heart of the country perhaps due to the fact that there are lots of local festivals and iconic museums found in this place. One of the best Taichung attractions would be the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts that houses the sculptures and artworks from renowned Taiwanese artists. You may also check the jazz festival that is happening every month of October that features the local musicians and talents from all corners of the globe.


Shopping at the Night Market

Taipei is a city that is known for bustling bars while Taichung is famous for its night market. You will find a huge numbers of food stalls that filled the air with an aromatic scent. This is also the perfect spot to have a sip of the invigorating bubble tea. If you prefer something special, why not try the giant cotton candy. Different locations in Taichung also have game booths that will keep the kids busy.


Have a Relaxing Time at the Hot Spring

Taiwan is known for its famous hot springs, but the hot spring located in Taichung conveys a unique story. According to the legend, the water of the Guguan spring helps the Emperor Meiji to bear a son. The Guguan natural spring is located 2 hours away from the city of Taichung. Spending the night on the resort hotel near Guguan is one of the relaxing things to do in Taichung.


Aside from all the Taichung attractions that you have to visit, you will also be delighted on how friendly the locals are. The locals are approachable and communicating with a foreigner is an opportunity for them to refine their English skills.

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