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Managua Attraction – What to Expect from the Bride of Xolotian

Managua is an interesting city. Once you have arrived in Managua, you will immediately notice the mixture of the old and the new. First-time visitors will find the city to be chaotic, and they can easily get lost in it. However, there are plenty of things to do in Managua. There are lots of places to visit, and attractions to see while you are in the Nicaraguan capital city.


The capital city is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Sierras de Managua. It also has wide plains that surround the Lake Xolotian, which is also called Lake Managua. There are lots of tourist attractions in the city, and it is easy to lose track of time when you’re exploring it.


Wonderful Beaches

Managua attraction includes beaches that are accessible through public transport. They feature both rustic and luxurious amenities. There are some beaches that are left unexplored and only known to locals.


Stroll Along the Lakefront Complex

One of the things to do in Managua is to go to the Puerto Salvador Allende. It used to be a barren port area until it was overhauled and turned into a lakefront complex. Now it is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. Both locals and tourists enjoy strolling along the lakefront, which is lined with dozens of dining venues. Whether you look formal dinners or eating at casual food carts, there are a lot of choices in Puerto Salvador Allende. Children will also enjoy playing in the playground. It is recommended to go there around sunset to catch the wonder views over the lake.


Live Nicaraguan Music

The best place to enjoy live music in Managua is at the La Casa de los Mejia Godoy. Nicaraguan living legends Luis Enrique and Carlos Mejia Godoy often play at their bar and restaurant. However, it is recommended that you make reservations if you want to see the Godoy brothers perform their music.


Explore the City

The best way to see all the tourist attractions in Managua is to explore the city on foot. Take a private tour of the architectural landmarks and historical sites. You can also learn how the cathedral has become a controversial Managua attraction. Most tours begin at the Acahualinca Footprints Museum, where can find fossilised footprints of animals and humans running away from a volcanic eruption that happened 10,000 years ago.


Then you can head to the Old Cathedral, which was condemned after the earthquake that struck the country in 1972. Then you can pass by the Casa Presidential, as you head towards Mercado Central. There you can buy traditional crafts that you can take home as souvenir of your trip.


As you can see, there are lots of things to do in Managua. Most tourists usually spend a day in the capital city before they head to other towns, such as Granada, Masaya, and the Montelimar Beach Resort. The time you spend in Managua is definitely worth it.

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