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Incredible Things to Do In Charleston

Regardless if you are visiting Charleston for a quick family vacation or if you are planning to stay in this City, the various Charleston attractions and the major destinations are definitely appealing. This city has a myriad of things to offer to the domestic travellers and the foreign tourists such as parks, beaches and historic destination located at the downtown peninsula. You can also enjoy the landscape of the coast and the climate that is ideal for the daytime sightseeing.


Top Charleston Attractions that You Need to See

Various tourists are being attracted to the Charleston City due to the variety of things to do in Charleston. From the patriot Point that gives you a glimpse on the history of the city to the Children’s Museum that provides an amazing experience to the whole family, this is a city filled with a range of attractions that is suitable for different types of travellers.


Battery Park

Before you head at the Battery Park, hit the Broad Street and have a taste of the delicacy offered at the sandwich and bakery shop and bring it at the White Point Gardens located at the Battery Park. This is the perfect way to spend your lunch time. It is considered not only as a historic site but also as an iconic Charleston destination. This destination has played a major role during the Civil and Revolutionary War. You can take a stroll at the side of the beach while being shaded by the ancient palmettos and oaks.


Folly Beach

The Folly Beach is a stunning beach that is situated 20 minutes from the downtown. It is also called as the ‘Edge of America’. It is a friendly Charleston attraction that is popular among the vacationers, surfers and college students. It is your ultimate beach destination due to its lively bars and delicious restaurants such as Rita’s and Taco Boy. You may also take a surfing lesson that is offered by the different professionals. The beach has a strict no-dog policy during the peak season, but on off season, it allows you to walk your pet companion on the beach.


Angel Oak

Go to John Island where you will see an ancient Angel oak tree that is around 1,500 years old. It is located 30 minutes away from the peninsula. This is Charleston Attraction is protected by the local laws, but the management is also allowing a public-viewing. The public are also allowed to have a picnic at the surrounding areas which provide the visitors to take photos on the different sightseeing opportunities. The ancient Angel Oak has a height of approximately 65 feet and a width of 26 feet (which include their shading area).


Finally, your trip to Charleston will not be complete without visiting the pristine beaches found in Charleston. Most of their beaches are family-friendly Charleston attractions that make them an ideal destination for every traveller. Exploring the Sullivan Islands and the Isle of Palms are just some of the top things to do in Charleston.


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