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Find the Most Important Tourist Attractions in Meteora

Meteora means ‘suspended in the air’ and refers to an amazing place in Greece, where tourists from all over the world visit every year. Once you arrive to this amazing scenery, you will notice the beautiful, traditional village under some big, natural pillars. At the top of the pillars, six important monasteries have been built.


Even if you are not up for some religious tourism, these are the most important Meteor attractions everyone must definitely visit.


Visit Kalabaka

Among the things to do in Meteora, perhaps the very first would be to visit Kalabaka the city that is built underneath these amazing pillars. There are many interesting things to do and see while staying in the city. The food is great here, and the people are actually very welcoming. Some excavation research also revealed that this place was home to one of the oldest civilisations in the world.



Kastraki is one of the most important tourist attractions since it is a nice, picturesque village near the pillars. Though many tourists choose to stay in a nice, traditional hotel, there are others who choose to stay in the outdoors with their camping equipment. You can feel the amazing energy that this place has and the feelings that creates to you once you see it first thing in the morning.


Meteora Rock Climbing

One of the most exciting things to do in Meteora is, of course, to try yourself to some rock climbing. Even if you have never tried this before, there are many experienced guides that will teach you all about basic climbing before you can engage in this amazing sport. See the world from a whole new perspective and climb this ancient rock along with your team.


Hiking Tour

If you believe that climbing is a bit too much for you, then you can enjoy the amazing scenery by going out for a hiking day. This way you can visit all the monasteries while enjoying the amazing view of this UNESCO world heritage monument. Make sure you engage into these tourist attractions with a local guide so that he will show you all the hidden trails and the unique paths that you can take.


Helicopter Tour

Do you want to see all the amazing sites while enjoying the comfort and the excitement of a private helicopter tour? This is one of the best things to do in Meteora along with your friends and family. Arrange for a helicopter tour, and the experienced guide will make this a memorable adventure for the whole family. You can even arrange for a few additional stops along the way!


Either way, there are so many great Meteora attractions that you will have no difficulty in enjoying yourselves and have an amazing time while being there. Dare to try something new from the numerous things to do in Meteora.


Try out some rafting, kayaking or even visit the ancient and dark caves that lie beneath these big rocks.

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