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Discover Berlin through These Attractions

The city of Berlin has played a significant part in the development of both German and global history. The city has seemingly been at the center of a number of ideological wars, one of which is represented by the Berlin wall. At the heart of Berlin tourism you will find a staggering number of museums that capture the history, art and culture of this top tourist destination. Visitors can choose to explore the city and its numerous attractions on foot or on a rented bicycle to make sure they don’t miss any sites.


Read on below to find out some of the important attractions to include in your Berlin sightseeing tour.


Brandenburg Gate

This Berlin monument is definitely one of the most significant attractions as far as Berlin tourism goes. The gate was built back in 1788, inspired by the Acropolis entrance in Athens. Over its centuries of existence, the landmark has been the backdrop of numerous historical events including Napoleonic invasions, Nazi marching parades and the ideological wars between West and East Berlin. During the division between East and West Germany, the landmark was left in no man’s land; it has ever since been seen as a symbol of the country’s unity.



The Parliament Building is another must see attraction during your Berlin sightseeing tour. The building was initially built back in 1884 and burned down in 1933. It was then hit with bombs during the Second World War. After a glass dome was added, it was reopened as the seat of government in 1999.


Museumsinsel (Museum Island)

Museum Island is the name given to the collection of 5 museums, pristinely maintained gardens and the Berliner Dom Cathedral, all located on a small island in the River Spree. This is definitely one of the most important attractions to include in your Berlin sightseeing tour. Each aspect of German history is represented in one of the five museums at this attraction. It is recommended that you take time to explore at least one of the museums located here, and also walk around the well-maintained gardens taking in the splendid surroundings.



The name Tiergarten translates to animal garden in German. This six hundred and thirty-acre space used to serve as a hunting ground for some Berlin residents back in the seventeenth century. Today, this Berlin tourism site provides a much needed green space for those trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Animal lovers can head over to the Berlin zoo also located within the park where a variety of wildlife can be found.


Taking a museum Berlin tour is a great way to explore the city’s rich history in a variety of fields. You can also check out other interesting attractions in the city, as listed above, to make the tour all the more exciting.

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