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Best Things to do in Bologna

Bologna is not a city that most people consider when travelling since they are enamoured by the nearby cities such as Venice, Florence, and Rome. Bologna is a perfect destination for people who want to have a unique gastronomic experience. It is the largest city in the region of Emilia

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Things to Do In Sibenik

Sibenik is a historical city along the Adriatic coastal line in Croatia at the mouth of Krka River The view of the town reveals the great harmony of the urban poetics and its surroundings. When looking for things to do in Sibenik a visit over summer guarantees you one of

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Amazing Things to Do in Split

Split is frequently viewed by the travellers as a city that is ideal for island hopping; however, its Dalmatian culture should not be ignored. The city has an interesting tradition, and with a beautiful coastline, this is indeed one of the worthy places to visit in Split. The place is

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Things to Do in Istria

Istria is the biggest peninsula on the Adriatic Sea and is currently a part of the territory of Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia. Its historical heritage is quite rich as it has been a part of the Habsburg Monarchy, Napoleon’s France, The Austrian Empire and Italy throughout the last 300 hundred

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