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The World’s Best Restaurants

On the past few years, France and UK dominated the list of the best restaurants in the world, however on the last released study, the two countries barely made it to the top 50 of the greatest restaurants in the world.  There are some American, Spanish, Danish and Italian restaurants

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How to find the Best Restaurants

One interesting part of travelling is savouring different types of delicacies, particularly the local dishes. This also applies if you are just looking for the best local restaurants in your area to have some fun and relax. In both cases, using a good restaurant finder will be crucial to ensuring

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The Best Restaurants in Dubai

Travelling to Dubai is quite interesting. Not only do guests get to experience this ultra-modern city in a personal way, but also have the opportunity to indulge in the local culture and cuisine. This amazing city has been designed to act as a global hub in the Middle East, and

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Exploring Czech Cuisine

If you are into Czech heritage or finds yourself enjoying their unique style of cuisine, you might have already tried their one-of-a-kind recipes handed from the past generations up to the present. The entirety of which does not end like that because the good news is that there are new

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Paris, the capital of Gastronomy

It is difficult to try to define Parisian gastronomy because the capital devours with gourmandise wines and exotic delicacies. However, it is in the bakery that one really feels the beating heart of the capital. Cradle of the “baguette” which was invented in the XVIth century, it will migrate to

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