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Best Things to Do In Taiwan

One of the best things about the various Taiwan attractions is that it caters different types of tourists. Whether you want to go on an outdoor adventure, have a relaxing day at the beach or discover the profound history and culture of the country, there are destinations in Taiwan that awaits you. While some people will definitely enjoy the city life of the country, the landscape and the geography of Taiwan is not something that you can ignore.


List of Amazing Things to Do in Taiwan


Here are some of the best Taiwan attractions that you should include in your itinerary. It will allow you to experience the country at its fullest.



For those who want to be familiar with the city life of the country, head to Ximending and experience the best nightlife that Taiwan can offer. Ximending is considered as the first ever pedestrian area in Taiwan. Overtime, the city has developed, and it now includes some of the most renowned Taiwan attractions. This place is situated at the district of Wanhua and is often called by the tourist as the Shopping haven of the country. In fact, the place has an average of three million shoppers per month. This is a great location for people who are looking for bargain products and rare items.


Snake Alley

The Snake Alley is a perfect place where you can challenge yourself. It is located at the edge of the Huashi Street where reptiles and amphibians abound. If seeing an animal killed disgusts you, then you might want to skip this place. Snake Alley is definitely one of the things to do in Taiwan that will let you test your courage.


Chung Tai Chan

The monastery of Chung Tai Chan is considered as the world’s biggest Buddhist temple. This magnificent structure is created by the renowned designed C.Y. Lee (the genius behind the structure Taipei 101) that took more than 10 years in order to be completed. You can access this through the town located in Central Taiwan called Puli. Visiting this monastery is definitely one of the incredible things to do in Taiwan.


Kenting National Park

After going on a sightseeing activity, you might want to relax by visiting the Kenting National Park. This is one of the most visited natural Taiwan attractions that are boasting with amazing beaches, recreational forest section, bird sanctuary and coral lakes. It is also equipped with facilities for golf and water sports that are nestled in the tropical forest. The Kenting National Park is occupying the southern edge of Taiwan.


These are just some of the amazing things to do in Taiwan. After visiting these destinations, the humidity and the arid season will no longer be the first thing that will cross your mind. You will definitely appreciate the commanding mountain ranges and the clear waters of their beaches. Taiwan is indeed one of the best summer destinations in Asia; you should try to visit the country during the month of June to September when the humidity of the country is at its peak.

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