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The Best Things to Do in Orlando

Orlando is the best place for families around the world, who want to offer to their children the ultimate experience. From theme parks to awesome animal attractions, your child will be completely thrilled by this amazing tour. Among the numerous Orlando attractions, these are the ones you should not miss.


Walt Disney World Resort

There is no doubt you have already heard everything about this amazing resort. It has been founded in 1971 and became quickly one of the most popular theme park in the world. If you want to offer to your children an amazing experience and something to remember their whole lives, you should definitely pay a visit to this wonderful park. Visit the 4 different parks, such as the Magic Kingdom. The two water parks are offering you a once in a lifetime experience.



One main Orlando attraction is, of course, the Everglades, some natural tropical wetlands. Though they might be flood from time to time, they offer an amazing experience for all travellers to see. Follow the water path through marshes and swamps and discover the amazing forest, living there for more than 15.000 years. There are also some native tribes hiding there, and if you are lucky enough, you might even see them.



Among the biggest Orlando attractions is of course and the Aquatica, an amazing dolphin sea world, where you can explore the magnificent nature of several sea creatures. There is an underground tube that will help you walk among dolphins in the home environment. Sometimes, the dolphins will follow you in this great adventure too.


Islands of Adventure

If you are searching for things to do in Orlando in order to have fun, then you should not miss the Islands of Adventure. Among the best Orlando attractions, this option offers you the chance to engage into vibrant adventures and visit some of the most fun rides in the world. If you are not scared of the awesome rides, then you need to see the top Orlando attraction, the cat in the hat ride. This is a rather dark ride that explodes and offers you a memorable experience. There are so many that you will find it difficult to make up your mind.


Kennedy Space Center

If you want to find things to do in Orlando that will keep all the family entertained and offer you some additional knowledge, then this is the place to be. Learn all about the US space program and watch the amazing replicas of two rocket boosters. Your children will have the time of their lives, and you will get to learn many interesting things in one of the most popular Orlando attraction.


Whether you are visiting with family or with friends, this is a great opportunity to let your childish innocence loose and enjoy everything that the Orlando attractions have to offer.

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