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Best Things to Do in Gdańsk

Gdansk offers a wealthy of sightseeing opportunities not only on the city centre but also on the nearby region and town. While the place is renowned for its profound history that dates back to 1,000 years due to its participation on the 2nd World War, there are more things to do in Gdańsk apart from its history. The city is known to be a favourite holiday destination; the structure will definitely surprise you, and the local cuisine will excite your taste buds.


Top Gdańsk Attractions That You Need to Visit


In this article, we compiled a list of destinations in Gdańsk that you shouldn’t miss. Take a look at our list of Gdańsk attractions.


Czarna Perla

The Czarna Perla or also known as Black Pearl is a perfect opportunity to understand the long history of the city. This is considered as the starting point of World War II. This large port is still housing large container vessels that are requiring repairs. Taking the trip while aboard the ship of Jack Sparrow is indeed one of the best things to do in Gdańsk. While you are aboard the ship, the tour will be facilitated by a multilingual guide who will relay the story behind the amazing view. After completing the boat trip, you can get off at the Westerplatte where you can visit the WWII Memorial.


Hewelianum Centre

This fun-filled centre offers you an interesting and educational way to spend time with your kids. The exhibit comes with English translations that allow you to understand the concept behind the science exhibition. The staffs are also accommodating who are willing to help you navigate around the centre. The area around the centre also offers a relaxing view and has a huge play area for your children. If you want an education tour that your kids will love, visiting the Hewelianum Centre is one of the things to do in Gdańsk that you don’t want to miss.


PGE Arena

If you are a fan of football and you want to experience watching the game live, then head to the PGE Arena. Experience the Tyrolean ride except on days with games. There are different things to do in Gdańsk PGE Arena when there is no ongoing match. You can enjoy their go karting, Escape room, trampoline area and the laser game. The escape room may prove to be a challenge especially if you don’t speak the local language but they do provide a translation.


The Shakespearean Theatre

The connection between Poland and Shakespeare may not be that evident, but this place is a popular destination for the travelling theatres during the 17th century. At the heart of the city, you will have the opportunity to visit a traditional theatre. The Shakespearean theatre is one of the most recent Gdańsk Attractions. It is a breathtaking structure that took years to complete


Gdańsk together with the surrounding region and city is a great destination during your trip to Poland. The city will surely dazzle you with its Hanseatic structures and breathtaking Gdańsk attractions.

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